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Wintery day rsz_edited-1

I was woken early this morning by claps of thunder and the sound of heavy rain on a tin roof.  It was a delicious way to be woken.
I lay in bed and listened to the storm feeling warm and safe and sleepy in my bed.  I dozed off again to be woken later by the  jarring sound of the alarm *ugh*

Today is most definitely crafting weather and I have a great many projects to choose from.  Shall I knit that second sock? Continue on with the shawl? Cast on for another scarf that I saw a delightfully easy and mindless pattern for?

Maybe I should finish one of the 4 quilts I’ve started or maybe piece another that’s all cut and ready to be assembled.

Then there’s those aprons I’ve been meaning to make using as a template one I loved and which is starting to wear out. 

I’ll have to think about it because I want to do all of them, at once, and read a good book at the same time. 
The weather’s just perfect for it.


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