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deodorant 2

“Charme to make thee pits not stinke.”

I really dislike using chemicals – especially in skin care products.  I also really dislike that most of them are tested on animals.  So, if I can do it natural I will.   I had previously made myself a powder deodorant using bicarb-soda, cornflour and scented it with 100% lavender essential oil.  It works awesomely as a deodorant, but after a few days my skin reacts to the bicarb and becomes red and itchy and so I have to stop using it for a couple of days while my skin recovers.

However, while scanning the net the other night I came across  the ‘Crunchy Betty’ blog  – what a treasure – and found another recipe for deodorant using the ingredients I was already using, but mixing it with coconut oil.  There was also a solution there to the skin reaction which was a pre- spray of apple cider vinegar mixed with distilled water.  It does something to the  ph, but I don’t remember exactly what.  Anyway, I made myself a batch and then I made each of my daughters a sample batch and gave it a bit of witchy character – because that was way more fun than getting the dishes done.


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