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got glue…?

So – I was back to sock knitting the other day and at the point where I had to knit the heel flap.  I like to write down the numbers and cross them off as I go because then I can just let my mind go free and not have to worry about keeping count.  I found my little pocket sized notebook and it was all scrungy and beaten up and there were very few free pages left in it – and that’s what inspired me to go to the shops and buy a new pack of fresh pocket notebooks and make them pretty…

notebooks rszd

The string tie is to keep them closed in the knitting bag so it doesn’t come open in transit and get all its pages bent up.


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mountain view

On Sunday Hubby, Son and I took a drive to Sofala,  a small country town that came into existence at the time of the Gold Rush which was in the early 1850’s.  The town is supposedly Australia’s oldest surviving gold mining town – which is an interesting titbit.  People still pan there for gold. 

It’s so lovely  and peaceful there, running alongside the Turon river and we like to make fairly regular trips to go and have lunch at the Panner’s Inn Coffee Shop and take a bit of a drive around the area.   I was delighted to find that this time there was a book shelf over flowing with delicious pre-loved books.  I chose… 

pre loved books rszd

There’s a really nice river spot about a 5 minute drive out of the town and we go there and I knit, or read or collect interesting stones and Hubby throws sticks for his dog to fetch while my Jinxy runs frantically along the water’s edge getting all excited, but just not excited enough to plunge himself into the water.  He’s a bit of a wooz like that.


I managed to do all three of my favourite river spot things  – I read, I collected stones and I knit.  All in all it was a really lovely day – topped off with a thrilling storm blowing in just as we were heading home.

sock and owl bag rszd

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sock yarn basket resized

I’m having a bit of a problem with itching to start more and more projects without having finished any of the many which are already on the go.  I don’t think that’s a particularly bad thing because I continue working on what’s already on the go, but then starting something else, sort of like a progressive factory line which takes and awfully long time to turn anything off the conveyor belt.

The most recent was one of the yarn sock blankets where you knit little squares and then join another little square and the idea is that it uses up the left over bits of your sock yarn, of which I have a fair bit.  I love it.  Each square is quick and satisfying – so instead of, “just one more row”, it’s more like ‘just one more square.’  Since this photo I have added about eight more…

blanket knitting rszd

Then, last night, while browsing pinterest, I found a gorgeous shawl pattern called ‘Sheep Wagon Shawl’  by Joanna Johnson which I’m absolutely hanging to cast on for.

I’m only going to use two colours rather than four and I went to spotlight this afternoon to buy the black – which is going to be one of the colours.  The other is going to be plum, which I already have a stack of.  I love that this shawl has three increase points rather than just the one down the back and so it looks to fit more like a cape.

I do love the inspired feeling and I don’t like to deny it, but I may have no choice this time as I think the size needles I need are already being used on the wedding shawl I’m madly making.

On the needles already I have a pair of socks (as always), a pair of fingerless mittens, a shawl, a sock blanket, a doll, a baby blanket, a boxy jumper, a birthday scarf, a balaclava and a sock yarn blanket.
Then there  are the quilts which are at different stages of completion, but that’s a whole other kettle of fish – the mood of the moment is knitting.

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just because…

So – my youngest daughter is getting married in May.  They wanted a simple, sweet wedding with a vintage touch and I was tasked with making the invites.  Having done that I had a lot of pretty paper cardboard left over and on Sunday I got out the glue and the stickers and got carried away – back to about 8 years of age when nothing else existed except the absorbing task of cutting and pasting and making pretty.

There are more, but they weren’t finished and so didn’t make it into the photo.

book marks rszd
But…why?  You may ask.

Well, the idea came to me Sunday morning as I reached for my book and the torn off piece of hubby’s quick eze wrapper which was holding my place prompted me to think that there must be better options than using litter as a bookmark.

And so I got gluing and cutting and sticking.  It was lovely fun.

I gave some away.  My daughter Roo, asked me to make her fiance one as well and so I made him a man one – not in the photo – which was pretty spiffy. I wish I’d thought to take a photo of it.
Also, I thought it would be a cute idea to leave one in a library book every now and then.   I know I get a real kick out of finding little treasures in library books.

I’ll keep a lot too.  I have about 6 books on the go at any one time and will read whichever I’m in the mood for at the time.  Unless it’s one of those Can’t Put Down books – but I haven’t had one of those for a while.

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Oh my – it’s been a long, lo-o-o-ong time.  But, not to dwell.  My blogging mojo is back for now and I shall go with the flow and enjoy what comes.

Though I haven’t been blogging I have continued making.  A lot.

A few months ago my daughter, Roo,

was moving houses and one of the things that got severely de-cluttered was her wardrobe. Amongst the pile of clothes there, was a white ruffled skirt which with some snipping and sewing – and then some more snipping and more sewing, – I really need to do the measuring thing, it would save a lot of time and stitching – I ended up with this… 

Australian girl doll dress resized
I think it’s super cute – and while it took twice as long to make as it needed to I am completely satisfied that I have added another pretty to the slowly growing doll wardrobe.

This is the pile of discarded clothing I have to choose from.  There are some lovely fabrics there.  They were all damaged in some way and so weren’t acceptable to donate to the op shop.  

potential doll clothes resized


On the ironing board at the moment are the pattern pieces for a doll dress I started making ages ago and found this morning packed away in a plastic baggie while I was sorting out what doll patterns I had on hand so I have decided that it will be the next dress on the list.  Pictures of that as soon as it’s done.
You all know by this stage not to hold your breath waiting, though, right?

doll dress sewing resized

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