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Yesterday I went shopping for a backpack.  The idea is to exchange my handbag for a bag that I can easily carry my knitting in also.  The added advantage of a backpack is that it leaves my hands free.

So I traipsed the streets going into every shop I thought might stock what I wanted, but for the most part had little luck.  There were plenty of backpacks, but they were mainly school types or too sporty looking or just too big.  I wasn’t having much luck and was running out of shops when I finally found what would suffice at Big W.

bag 001

Now, it’s layout is everything I want. 
Plenty of pockets:

bag 004

two inner compartments so as to keep the knitting separate:

bag 005

and it’s just the right size:
bag 002


The only thing I would have different would be a more interesting outer fabric design.

But, it’ll do very nicely. 


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moving on…

Well, I must say I’m glad that’s over and that now I can get on with knitting more of the good stuff. 
The fun stuff.
The stuff I choose to make in the colours I choose to make them.
Without anyone waiting for me to finish.

vest 003

So what does a post request vest world hold for me?

I really want to make a baby dress from a pattern I found on Ravelry which looks adorable – and easy. There’s a picture of it in my last blog post.  I did cast on the 107 stitches for it, but twisted the join (it’s made in the round) so I took some deep breaths and put it aside.

I’ve also unearthed a pattern for a cute toddler top I have been looking for for close to a year, now.  Found it in my craft room while looking for something else. 

And, influenced by Tasha Tudor, I really want to knit myself a shawl – have wanted to for ages, but have only recently downloaded some potential patterns.

So, I don’t know what will be first out of that lot, but I have the pink basket weave baby blanket that still needs finishing so I’ll merrily knit along on that until one (or possibly more) of the others just happens to cast itself onto a pair of my needles.
The anticipation is delightful.

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…and here we have Emily looking simply spiffing in her latest ‘to die for’ dolly wardrobe must have…

australian girl doll 007

I made this cutesy little outfit a month or so ago (could be more) from Simplicity pattern 2296.  I had to adjust the pattern somewhat as it was on the large size and slipped off the doll’s shoulders and that just wasn’t the look we were going for.
Emily may have to wait a little while for her next new outfit because my excursions into clothes sewing is fairly sporadic. 

And I’m (still) slogging through the black vest knit for my mother-in-law.  It’s nearly done, thank goodness.  I’m working on the last front section and then it’s just the band, the buttons and I’m going to knit up a couple of pockets to sew on and then it’s done.

Then I can start on this which looks like a quick and satisfying sort of knit.
australian girl doll 008

I bought the pattern, which is by Jennifer Alexander, from Ravelry.  

And for a little Friday night fun  – this evening my eldest daughter B* is having an ‘enyo’ and ‘body shop’ party and asked me to make scones to bring along. 

I can do that.

australian girl doll 011

I made this lot yesterday as a practise run.

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Yesterday afternoon Hubby, Sonny Boy, Ari the big dog, Jinx the little dog and I all piled into the car and took our first drive to Lake Lyell.  Of course I brought my knitting along, but I didn’t get to do any of it because I was sooooo sick.  I put it down to having a cold and blocked ears, which then brought on a case of vertigo which along with a bit of car sickness then affected my stomach into which I’d recently stuffed a cheese and tomato roll – ooh, makes me sick just to think on it even now.  I think I may never be able to swallow another cheese and tomato anything ever again.  Yes, it was that bad.

So, when we finally got to Lake Lyell, which is really quite close, but to me, with my head lolling, my eyes closed and my stomach churning seemed oh so far away, my view, until I sufficiently recovered enough to take in my surroundings was this:

socks and Lake Lyell 027

I could tell I was recovering when I could appreciate the stark artistry of the scene above me enough to sit up and drag my camera out of my bag and take a photo of it.

A little while on and I was sitting up and taking in the scene about me.

socks and Lake Lyell 017

It was too cool to actually go in the water.


socks and Lake Lyell 009

Not too cool for some, though.

socks and Lake Lyell 014

Much too cool for sensible dogs.

The sick feeling returned on the way home and so I made that with my eyes closed also.  According to Hubby Rydal – a small village we passed through on the way, is a visual delight.  I’m sorry I missed it and have no pictures to show of it.  Hopefully our next trip to Lake Lyell will be made in a happier, healthier state.  Hubby was much taken with it.  I can only hope his enthusiasm for another visit hasn’t been put off by the first.

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Life has been a little out of the normal routine for the last little while and for the past few weeks my mother-in-law has needed to go to a nearby town which is about 45 minutes away to have radiation treatment and I have been driving her there.  Now, you might think that this would be a good knitting opportunity, but mostly it’s a lot of driving and not much waiting about.  The treatment only takes around 15 minutes, which is great, but doesn’t leave much knitting time, though I make sure I bring my current project along and get a few rows done whilst there.

During the course of her treatment – of which she only has three more visits to go, I managed to:

finish off this purple jumper:
purple jumper

make this for my Granddaughter – it should fit her next Summer:
Indi's dress and jumper 003

make these:

socks and Lake Lyell 002

and start this:
Indi's dress and jumper 008

The last is by request of my mother-in law.  Generally I don’t do knitting requests and I don’t normally knit in black.  In fact, this is the first black project I’ve ever made.  Apart from having a white cat whose hair tends to work itself into pretty much everything I like to work with colour making whatever happens to take my fancy when it takes my fancy.

Come to think of it, I have knit 2 other previous requests for my mother-in-law years ago.  Two pairs of socks – one pair for her and one pair for my father-in- law (who has recently passed over).  She said the tops of the socks were too tight, but they’re the same pattern I use for myself.  I think she might be trying to pull them up over her calf rather than just letting them sit where they will, I dunno.  T
o me socks are a big deal.  They might look simple, but there’s a heck of a lot of stamina that goes into sock knitting  – especially that second sock.

Anyway – I sure hope this vest fits just right, because knitting black by request takes a whole lot more stamina than knitting socks.

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