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holiday heaven…

a chair
Aaaaaah, it’s school holidays again – and I just love school holidays.  The relaxed pace of the days, no morning rushes, no schedules, just the relaxed flow of seemingly endless hours of unstructured freedom.  I wonder if Sonny Boy enjoys it half as much as I do.  He’s gone to the river with his Dad this afternoon and I have the house to myself.  
Joe request 007

Well, not quite to myself.  I have company.

Joe request 006

(This picture just cracks me up.)

I have been crafting – it’s a rare time when I’m not making something or other.  I’ve got some photos of the finished goodies.  I had finished more stuff, but Sonny Boy deleted the pictures from the camera before I’d downloaded them – and as that’s the second time it’s happened to the same lot I’m just giving it up as a bad job – and the items don’t live here anymore and it’s just too much hassle to chase them up.  Besides, I can take a hint.   I have finished some more things since and immediately I downloaded the pictures to the computer. 

knitting 007

In the ‘family circle’ magazine there was a knitted section and in it was a child’s hoodie which I have fallen in love with making.  So far I’ve made three of them.  the third one I improvised and made it into a zipper fronted jacket. 

knitting 006

I have started on the fourth and that, too, will be a zipper front.

knitting 013

In the same magazine was a very cute child’s vintage top so I’m going to be casting on for that also – it looks like a quick knit.

The weather here has been quite glum, not much sun shine, but quite muggy.  I’ve noticed chemtrailing and then the next day the weather turns overcast.  I think the official term is geo engineering, but either way it’s messing with nature and the natural rhythms and I’m not sure that can ever be a good thing.

crazy jinxy 036

So due to the not very sunny weather the garden is rather slow going – about the only thing we’ve been picking are the lettuce leaves for salads – the slugs manage to get the strawberries, though I have re-potted a few of them in hanging pots in the front garden.


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