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is good…

chilli 002

is hot.



Vegetable Chilli Recipe.


2 x tblspns oil.

1 x large onion diced.

2 x sticks celery diced.

1/2 x red capsicum diced

1/2 x green capsicum diced

2 x cloves garlic very finely diced.

2 x 440 tins diced tomatoes

2 x 440 tins red kidney beans. Puree one of the tins.

2 x tblspns chilli powder.

2 x tspns ground cumin.

1/4 tspn  cayenne pepper (optional – add more or less to preference, but is very hot.)

salt and pepper to taste.

(*vegetable amounts are approximates – more or less can be added as preferred)


* Sauté vegetables until clear and soft.

* Add chilli powder, cumin and cayenne pepper and stir over heat for about 1 minute.

* Add tomatoes and both tins of beans juice and all.

* Add one tin of water and bring to boil, simmer for about an hour stirring at regular intervals.  Add more water if it gets too clumpy.

* Scoop into bowl and enjoy.

Can be frozen.

Recipe courtesy of:  http://www.youtube.com/user/bettyskitchen?feature=watch


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back with the bounty…

garden 017

…oregano and parsley…and holes in the netting which need fixing.

It’s come up rather windy just now.  I managed to get to the shops without getting caught in the rain.  I bought a few packets of seeds – but forgot the onion seeds!!  The nice fellow at the nursery gave me the dill for free as it was looking a little bit worn.  Not that I know, but I’m guessing it may have been a bit burnt by frost – anyway, I’ve trimmed off the withered parts and have it up on my window ledge where it can catch the sun – along with the tomato, basil and sage seeds and the sprouts which are shooting nicely.

window ledge seedlings

…dill..sage…basil…tomato…alfalfa and pea sprouts…

I bought the garlic bulbs and also picked up some sebago and pontiac potatoes and am going to have a go at planting potatoes as well.  The man at the nursery assures me that it’s easy.  So, if the weather’s nice tomorrow I’ll dig a spot for them to go.

potatoes 1

…pontiac and sebago potatoes and garlic cloves…

The rain’s really starting to come down now, so I’ll leave it here and go and make a pot of chilli – which is also a first – apart from the chilli con carne I made years and years ago which was a total failure, but we won’t talk about that.

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garden 016


The weather has been quite nice here of late and nice weather always inspires me to get out and into the garden.  Today is not so sunny, though and I’ve decided that today will be for getting some more done on the cot quilt that I’ve had on the go for ages, but first I want to go to the nursery and choose some more seeds for the garden. 

I’m going to put in some dill and garlic and also try planting onions from seed.  This year I want to give preserving a go and thought I might try my hand at some dill pickles.  My Uncle used to make the best dill pickles when I was a child.  They’d be stored in Nana’s pantry and we had dill pickles on hand pretty much year round. 


This season I potted the strawberries in hanging baskets to hopefully deter the slugs from getting to them.  This keeps them manageable as they just crawl all over the garden and I don’t have the heart to dig them up, so I plant around what’s left there.

garden 014


Right, I’m off to the nursery now because it looks like there’s a possibility of rain and as I’m on the bike I want to try and beat it.

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A very belated present.

doll and clothes 001doll and clothes 003


doll and clothes 004doll and clothes 005



doll and clothes 008doll and clothes 011

doll and clothes 007


Going to her new home tomorrow.

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