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Happy New Year…


Oh, it’s been such a while, hasn’t it little blog?  It’s certainly a good thing you don’t require regular feeding, because I must be one of the shoddiest bloggers ever.  I never could keep up keeping a diary, so it was only to be expected, really.

The quilt block of last post last year – it is done.  But it’s awaiting ironing and photographing (still) – and frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.  I have become distracted yet again.  Actually, I’ve probably been distracted many, many times since I last posted. 

So, what am I doing now?

We-e-e-ell.  I’m knitting myself a lovely Summer top with cotton yarn I bought from the wool mill – only I can’t remember the name of the wool mill just at the moment.

And, I’m finishing off a baby jacket and booties for Daughter B*’s sister in law who just had a baby girl.  I just need to seam that, sew on a knit flower, sew buttons on the booties and Bob’s your uncle.

And, I’ve picked up the red-work sunbonnet Sue stitchery blocks I started more than a year ago as Daughter B* is expecting her third child in July – and maybe, just maybe this time bubba will be a girl.

No pressure – but girls are just much more fun to make things for – mainly because you get to use all the colours, especially pink, and there are no restrictions on the use of hearts and flowers and frills.  

And they play with dolls and prams.  Look at the find I made at the op shop a few weeks ago.


Do you think it’s a sign?


*Jinx kindly modelling for effect.

I’ve made a blanket to accompany the pram – but Sonny has used up all the camera batteries (again)making lego animations.


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