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empty handed…

Look, I know I said that I was going to post a picture of block number 4 about, well, 4 days ago – but I think I got a little carried away by the excitement and challenge of it all.

And I’ve been feeling a tad guilty about it ever since.

Common sense tells me that I should probably allocate myself a week for each block – that would be much more sensible – and much more likely to happen.

Block 4 is seriously almost done – I’m thinking by the days end it ought to be home and hosed, but I’m not going to say anything just in case it’s not.

This is for you, Tracey.  Thinking of you.


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craft at Jen’s…

Today we gathered together at Jennifer’s house for our craft get together.  Craft at Jen’s is always good because Jen really likes to cook – and she does it really well – and, well, I really like to eat.


I brought along my trusty ol’ red-work Sunbonnet Sue stitchery to work on.

And Tracey brought along her version of the group quilt project – she’s in the process of hand quilting it:


Isn’t it just gorgeous?

Come 3pm it was up to the school to pick up Sonny Boy and walk home.  It was a beautiful day for walking.


In fact, it was a beautiful day all round.

view from school

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coming up roses…

I just have to show you this flower.  Tracey from ‘beady witch’ showed the craft girls how to make one of these with some sort of fabric that I can’t quite recall the name of right now, a candle and some beads.  I  plan to sew mine onto a hair clip.  .


Thanks heaps for the lesson, Trace.



And, another thing I’ve made since I’ve been non-blogging is this:


Sue, one of the craft girls put me onto it.  She was knitting one and normally I don’t knit with acrylic, but hers felt so soft that I just had to make one – so, before picking up Sonny Boy from school when craft was over that day I dropped by the local store and bought myself a bag of purple acrylic yarn and got busy.  I had it knit up in no time on 10mm needles.  I don’t think Sue’s finished hers yet. 

See, while I may procrastinate dreadfully on some things, on others there’s just no stopping me.


It’s lovely and large and pretty hard to show off to it’s best advantage.


But I think this is where it looks nicest:


Or wrapped around my son on cold mornings.


It’s quite popular in general.


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This is what we did yesterday.


I sat outside stitching, stitching, stitching on block number four while the masters of the house lent their support and demanded constant snacks of liver bits.

That is until time moved on and it was time to drag Sonny Boy off to karate. 

I wanted to take some photos of the beautiful old church up where the hall that they do karate is – but guess who forgot their camera?

I remembered to bring the knitting, though.  Not that I got much of that done.  Too involved in whispered discussions at the back of the hall to try and concentrate on keeping track of double moss stitch, so I just browsed my magazine and chatted.

This morning we awoke to the sound of much rain on the rooftop and so all thought of stitching in the sun went out the window.

I lit the fire and got to it.

I had company.


You know the weather’s bad out when the cats in.

My mantra is – only five more blocks to go, only five more blocks to go, but until I finish this one, it’s really six, isn’t it?

Six, that’s not much – only one more than five.

I admit to being the eternal optimist.

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Once upon a time…

Once upon a time many years ago, maybe three, maybe four, surely not five, though it is possible.  There were five friends who loved to sew and chat and eat and eat and chat and sew.  And one particular day four of these friends decided to start a project together. 

One friend kept her head and declined.

block 1

We all (except one) thought it was a marvellous idea to get a quilt of the month block and each of us would make our own quilt from the pattern – changing the stitchery designs as we saw fit.

block 2

The plan – and it was a good one – and if we’d stuck to it we’d have been long finished by now, but we didn’t and here we are today, still waiting to finish that project that was meant to take one year.

One of the original four is simply never going to finish.  She lost interest a month or two after we began – she has a fear of cutting into fabric in case she messes it up.  She;s more of a crocheter. 

Kerrie and Tracey are full throttle ahead, with Kerrie having hers professionally quilted and Tracey hand quilting hers herself.

block 3

That leaves me in third position – aka – last.  Well, I decided to use that to motivate me to get my act together and try and beat those other two (I don’t really think I have a hope, but it’s really good incentive.  I do my best work under pressure – even though I hate pressure.

birdhouse 2

So today I hunted out the quilt blocks I’d already done and the pattern.  This involved fully tidying the sewing room again because this project needs lots of room to cut and sew and strew things around – and so that’s what I did.  And now I’m ready to finish off block number four.

butterfliies and flowers

After that, there’s only five more blocks to do.  Only five more.  That’s not much is it?

And, my mum –in-law dropped off dinner.  Minestrone – all I have to do is heat it and add noodles.  Tonight is definitely stitching night.

side flower 2

The aim, that block number four will be completed and ready to show you in tomorrow’s blog post.

And lastly, but definitely not least :  I am so happy to hear those poor men in Chile are finally coming up.  What a hideous experience all round.  My heart goes out to them.

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cor blimey…

… it’s been one of those days today.  One of those days when you just look forward to falling into bed with a good book. 

It all started well enough.

One day a week I visit a lovely lady who lives in a nursing home – and this morning started with me dropping Sonny Boy off at school and then going with Jinx to visit her.  She loves Jinx and he just sits on her lap the whole time while she strokes him and I knit or do stitchery or quilting and we talk about all sorts of things

Then when morning tea comes around I leave. 

I’d decided I was going to go home and make pasta sauce for dinner so it was all prepared and then I’d pretty much have the day to myself.  I had a vague idea of taking Jinx for a bike ride to the river so he could go for a run – but as soon as I stepped in the house DDB"* rang and asked if I wanted to go to the shops with her, and I said,… ‘Sure’!


It was horrible. 

The day had heated up and my alpaca jumper was so hot and Jetta-Bear was in the foulest mood – he didn’t want to go in his pram, but he didn’t want to stay and walk with us either.  He threw a few tantrums and seriously, aftre what felt like hours I was sooo happy to finally get home and just breath in a bit of peace and quiet.  

Jetta-Bear does not shop well.  Meanwhile, his brother Max was as good as gold – mind you, he had plenty of entertainment watching his brother’s dramatics.

On the bright side – I did get the sauce made before we went and the laundry hung – so it wasn’t all bad.

I also got a picture of the alpaca jumper.  Jinx got caught in a candid shot.  He was trying to instruct me of the best pose to show the jumper in it’s best light. 

alpaca jumper with Jinx

So there you have it – my most favourite jumper ever – and I made it myself.

Now I’m off to knit or sew and watch a DVD I got from the library called ‘Ladies of Letters’.  It’s one of those British comedies.  I’m quite liking it.  I have a soft spot for ‘some’  British comedies.

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I’m ba-a-a-a-ack…

 And I’m sitting outside in the sun supervising the dogs eating their brisket bones. They have to be supervised or Jock ends up with all 3 bones, sitting in the shade with his little pile of stolen goods gathered about him.

Then there’s Noodle, who has some kind of complex and always thinks everyone else’s bone (or anything edible) is better that the one he has.

And Jinx, who eats his bone constantly growling because he thinks someone is going to sneak up on him and take it – which Noodle and Jock are both fully capable of doing – and so I supervise.

Noodle and Jock belong to my daughter, Roo, but they stay here while she’s at work.  It’s a bit like doggy day care.  O.K. it is doggy day care – who am I kidding?


This morning the crafty girls met up at K*’s shop and had coffee (I had the best hot chocolate) and shared a bee sting cake – so named I guess, because they make you swell –a lot.

I brought along my little red work Sunbonnet Sue stitchery to work on while we chatted, drank and ate. I haven’t worked on it for ages and I really enjoyed it, so I’m going to work on that for a while now. I have so many things in so many different places that I found what I needed to get together to take with me to K*’s in three different places – and not easily. I flukishly found the stitchery hanging in a canvas bag behind the sewing room door.

Didn’t manage to find my scissors at all, but no worries there, I knew someone would have a pair of those.


Managed to get a photo of the pink baby jacket:

pink baby jacket 3

And here’s a picture of those US quilting magazines I mentioned yesterday.  I think they look like something from the 1970’s rather than the 1990’s.  I’m savouring them.

old quilt mags


Next stop; Library. 

So I’m off to get my library books together because times a tickin’ away and the dogs have finished their bones and my life is my own again, for a little while.

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