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Just to let you know, if your main interest, like mine, is in reading about quilt history and the lives of prairie children, I shouldn’t bother with this book.  The history reading was done in a matter of 10 – 15 minutes.

However, if making these little quilts is your purpose, then this might be just the book you’re looking for.


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When it’s 40 something degrees celsius and rising outdoors and too hot for the birds to sing.  When the sun beats down and scorches the earth and you long for cooler days and cooler lands, and you would love to pack it all in and zip off to jolly old England for a little while, but just can’t manage it, what with time, family, financial commitments, here’s what I suggest. 

Just remember to sit in the shade.

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Oh, it was a fine day post wise today.  A lovely American Christmas book arrived from England – obviously a very well travelled book, which Trudi generously sent me.  It’s one of those books where you make yourself a cup of tea, with a small cake, or perhaps a lamington to accompany (some scotch finger bscuits will do in a pinch) and then you take yourself off  to a lovely quiet spot and lose yourself for however long it takes browsing through all the prettiness and getting all inspired about what you just might muster up the energy to accomplish next year. 

In the same delivery my Fishpond order arrived :  Prairie Children and Their Quilts by Kathleen Tracy.  I haven’t even flicked through that one yet, I’m still pleasantly basking in anticipation.

Seems I have so many good books to read through lately that I’m spoilt for choice.  That’s a very good thing.

Weather wise – not so fine.  A couple of thunderstorms this afternoon with more to come probably.  There was even hail in some parts of town, though we didn’t get any here…yet.

(picture by Grandma Moses)

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It was a warm one today.  Considering it’s Summer I guess we can expect that sort of thing, but I was really quite enjoying the milder weather we’ve been having here lately.

Tracey came around with her daughter Shannon, which was lovely as we haven’t caught up since school holidays started, apart from phone calls – and that’s not really the same.  She showed me her almost finished quilt top, which was a group project 4 of us started making 2, or was it 3 years ago.  It looks like Tracey might be the first to the finish line.  It was just lovely and I’m really looking forward to seeing it all quilted and done.

Heck, I’ve only got 3 of my blocks completed and number 4 half done.  I think there’s 9 all up – can’t remember.

 It’s cooling off now, which is lovely.  I don’t mind Summer afternoons at all.  Ant is taking Jinx for a walk around the block, the cat is skulking around.  He’s just been indulging in a catnip spree, so he’ll probably be wanting his dinner pretty soon.  Hubby is doing computer stuff and I’m on the lounge, with the laptop on my lap (convenient, that), and am tossing up whether to read Elizabeth Zimmerman’s knitter’s almanac, or to go pick up my knitting needles.

I’d read that the book was a good one, and when I looked it up on the library catalogue and found that it was in, I was out the door like a shot.  I’m weird like that.  I can put off getting myself to the shops all day for necessities, but if there’s a book I’m after, you won’t see me for dust.  

The book has projects for each month of the year, and some of them are jumpers.  I think this must be a book for some seriously organised knitters

It begins:  “Once upon a time there was an old woman who loved to knit.  She lived with her Old Man in the middle of a woods in a curious one room school house which was rather untidy and full of wool.” 

How delicious is that!?!?!?  I think I’m going with the book.

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a good start…

*sigh*  I do so love good mail.  Especially when it arrives unexpectedly and much earlier than anticipated. 

I’ve also ordered ‘Prairie Children and their Quilts’, so I still have the arrival of that to look forward to.  Have I told you how much I love books?  I’ve been contemplating taking part in the challenge where you buy nothing new for an entire year.  You either have to make it yourself   (I’m thinking you could probably buy the raw material for that new, but I’m not sure)  or find it in a recycled way, such as an op-shop,  But, I don’t know if I could handle not being able to buy books.


 This is what has been occupying me lately. 

And I’ve been seriously thinking about getting my act together and sewing Bubba M’s quilt together.  First step is setting up the ironing board – I think that’s why it’s taking me so long.  Once I’ve managed that part the rest ought to be a breeze.

 We’re in the midst of school holidays.  We went and watched Avatar at the movies on Sunday – it was a lovely movie.  One I’d definitely watch again.

 Last night I stepped outside to take Tiny Tiny Puppy (aka Jinx) for toileting before bed and the moon (at the waning gibbous stage, I think, could have been waxing – too lazy to check) caught my eye, so I raced inside to fetch the camera – usually my moon shots don’t work at all, but Ant had been making movies on my camera and so I had to put it back to it’s original setting and discovered a ‘night scene’ setting (DUH!)  I’ve only had the camera for about two years now.

Admittedly it did look much better in real life.

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