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Christmas Eve…

(because I don’t have a Christmas tree photo)

Yo Ho Ho and a Merry Christmas Eve to one and all.

 I am organised and at peace.  The jelly is setting in the fridge for the trifles which are my contribution to family lunch at Joe’s mum and dad’s farm tomorrow with the rest of the kith and kin. 

Tonight Daughter B* is having us over for Christmas Eve dinner in her new house and then we’re all going to sit down with popcorn and watch a movie on their wall projector, which is even better than going to the cinemas because you get to out your feet up on the seats – oh, and it’s free.

 I have cast on for the next short sleeved cardi and done a few rows, but last night I stumbled across some doll knitting patterns that I have the urge to try.  I’m in need of a little instant knitting gratification I think – and something that is way quicker at sewing together once the knitting bit is done.

 So, may your Christmas day be joyful and safe and may you have a dishwasher for all that clearing up afterwards (we don’t)


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…Betty knew that, come Christmas day, she was going to be able to eat a whole lot of turkey and trifle before it began to show.

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Here we are in the first week of the school holidays and my, isn’t the weather fine? The mood is relaxed and routine has once again flown out the window – except for the bare minimum.

The Christmas tree is up, the decorations are up. The festive cheer is here – but we still haven’t done any Christmas shopping.

Nevermind – there’s still time.

On the subject of procrastination – I still haven’t sewn up the short sleeved cardi. I did go into the sewing room with the full intention of getting it so I could pin on the sleeves and finish it off, but I got a bit caught up on the computer – so. No photo of the cardi – yet.

Anyway, if I don’t tune in before the big day, here’s wishing you all a very merry Christmas and a joyous new year.

Now, where’s that cardi.

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T*’s big day out…

Last month was T*’s birthday and as is the custom the girls went out to lunch to celebrate the occassion.  We had originally intended to go to a certain Chinese restautant, but turned up to find that Monday just happened to be the day it was closed.  We were considering where we should go to instead when someone thought we might have  alook at the menu at the pub across the road.


What a good move that was.  The place was really nice.  Lots of dark wood ambience.  Light and airy with a homely comfortable feel and to top it off the food was delicious.


Anyway, I made T* this:

A lined fabric box.  You’ll have to imagine the lining.  It’s very pretty – think pink.


And these:

If you’re wondering what they are (and T* was) this is what you do with them:

This is T*’s feet sporting her delicate pair of silk and wool slippers.  How cute are they!?!?!? (the slippers I mean 😉  )  As soon as I saw the pattern for them I just knew I had to make them.

I was imagining making lots of pairs for everybody, but once I’d knit up 2 sets I was a bit over it.

And then after a long lunch we left the pub to find the sky looking like this:

And not very long after (right around picking up the kids from school time)  it pelted down for about 3 minutes.  Very dramatic it was.

I’m not going to tell you  the part where we all went into the gift shop just down the street from the pub (looking for fake moustaches for the coming school social) and carrying on like giggling 12 year old girls.  And no, there was no alcohol involved at any time.

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No photos of finished objects today.  I have moved onto the sleeves of the knitted cardi, though, and you know what that means.  It means I get to order stuff for the next project!!!  And I have.  In fact, I got a bit carried away and ordered stuff for the next two projects. 

It was on special so I felt justified. 

In fact, I felt practically frugal and good housewifely.  I think I saved a heap.  I’m going to be making another cotton Summer top – but in a different pattern, and then I’m going to make a Winter jumper in alpaca.  I’ve never knit (or worn) alpaca before.  I hope it’s lovely.

Craft was at T*’s today.  It was, as usual, relaxing and fun.  She’d made these apple cakes which she heated up and served with custard.  YUM!!  She also made salad wraps, but it was those apple cakes that made a mark on me.  Probably more than a mark, really.

And that’s about it for the day.  Now it’s back to the cardi.  My aim is a sewn up garment by weeks end.

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Jinx sporting latest Summer haircut.

I’m not quite sure where this week went.  It’s all a bit of a blur.  It started with Tracey’s birthday and lunch on Monday and ended with Daughter B* in hospital with viral menigitis – she’s out now and feeling well and seems to be mended although she still has to take the viral meds.  Poor girl, she had a ferocious headache for four days, took herself to the doctor who told her it probably wasn’t meningitis, then, after looking it up on the internet decided to play it safe and went up to casualty where they admitted her and where she stayed for 2 days.  Honestly, thank goodness for the internet. 

She and her hubby W* have just got the keys to their new house so she was out just in time.  There’s going to be some painting and carpeting and tiling done before they move in, so she’s thinking the weekend after next will be when the exciting stuff happens.  It’s a lovely house – nice and big for their growing family, with 2 big back yards (it’s a double block) so plenty of room for the children to amuse themselves.  I’m really looking forward to seeing it completed.  At the moment she’s sitting a test for her boat licence.  She didn’t get to study and isn’t at all confident about passing, but as she’s paid the money she figures she might as well attemp it.

Younger DaughterR*, who is a real horse freak has gotten herself a second job working at a major stable just out of town.  She started her first shift there yesterday afternoon and worked until 11pm.  There were bushfires near the area and so the stables had sprinklers on all over the places and all the horses gathered together in one place.  Sounds like a very exciting first day on the job.  Anyway, she arrived here sweaty and happy and reeking of horse and looking forward to her next shift.  I can’t imagine where she finds the time.  She has a full time job, two horses of her own that she’s training. She does volunteer work on Thursdays with ‘riding for the disabled’ plus she’s studying for a child care degree.  Her energy levels amaze me.

Sonny boy had his school play on Thursday night and I have to say it was wonderful.  So bright and colourful and the talent was amazing.  T*’s http://beadywitch.wordpress.com/son had a big part and he was sooo good!!  I’ve stillgot one of the catchy tunes bopping around in my head – not so good.

I too have been busy busy busy, but hardly with anything so hectic.  Though, with B* having been in hospital I was more active than usual on the babysitting front.  Bubba J* has recently turned 2 and has picked up a few words and amuses me no end with his use of them.  Bubba M*, at 5 months is such a happy baby.  Easily amused and just adores watching his big brother get into all the naughty stuff.  Daughter B*’s definitely going to have her work cut out for her when they’re both walking and getting into all sorts of mischief together.  They’re both so adorable and make me laugh so much.

On the knitted cardi front, I’m onto the second front piece.  This has been a most enjoyable pattern to work with.  I’m thinking I might just make another in a different colour depending on the end result of this one.

I’ve just finished the final book of the ‘twilight’ series.  It was very good.  And now I’ve started  ‘Into the Wilderness’ by Sarah Donati, which is also very enjoyable.  

This sunny Summer’s afternoon stretches before me with no thoughts of having to cook dinner seeing as it’s the night we get take out and so I’m thinking right now might be a good time to make a cup of earl grey and indulge in a few chapters before adding some more rows to the cardi. 

Perhaps next time I’ll have a finished object to show.  Fingers crossed.


*Updated to add:  Daughter B* got 100% pass on her boat licence, so it’s either spectacularly easy to get a boat licence or Daughter B* is spectacularly brilliant (must be her father’s genes there).

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