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birthday gifts revisited…

At the beginning of this month another year ticked over on my ageometer and I got older and, hopefully, but probably n0t, a little bit wiser.  

Now I’d like to show you what my dear crafty friends made for me.  It’s not a rule that you have to make something, but most of the time we try to.  The handmade stuff is greatly treasured and reminds me of the person who made it every time I lay eyes on it.

First on the catwalk we have a crochet cushion courtesy of T*. She made one for one of the other girls for their birthday and I helpfully (and very hopefully) suggested that if she were short on ideas come my birthday I would very much welcome one of my very own.  Between times I forgot about it and was surprised anew when my birthday finally came round.  Don’t you love the dinky little flower?

T* also kindly forced persuaded her mum to make me this quaint beaded milk jug cover. (thanks Mary – and, of course,  you too, T*)

Next up is a wall hanging from K* who, despite owning a very big fancy schmancy embroidery machine did all the quilting and embroidery by hand, because she knows that I really appreciate the effort that goes into hand embroidery.  She took me seriously when I made all those jokes about how machine embroidery didn’t really count.  It’s now hanging on my loungeroom wall.  Thanks so much  K*

And from J*, a beautiful hand made bracelet.  I suspect T* had something to do with the making of this as well (Karmic, really.  T* helped me to make J*’s bracelet last year (by helped I pretty  much mean she did most of it)

So, with that and a delightful lunch and great company – it is definitely worth getting a year older for.


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resistance is futile…

Meet the basket that had to be a part of my life.

I can tell we’re going to get along just fine.

The cool change is over.  The weather is back to hot.  The short sleeved cardigan is cruising along.  It’s no problem knitting with cotton in this weather.

I went by T*’s http://beadywitch.wordpress.com/ house this afternoon and was greeted by the yummiest aroma.  She had a hot milk cake in the oven.   I waited and waited for her to cut me a piece, but by the time it had cooled and she’d gotten it iced (chocolate frosting – oh my!!), I was long gone.  So, I did the next best thing and made my own.  She was thinking about putting the recipe up on her site.  It’s a good ‘un.

Best go and see to dinner, now.  Spaghetti with Italian sausages in a chili tomato sauce with herb bread on the side.  Not really the choicest of meals considering the weather.


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Hello dear little neglected blog.  I am such a bad blog keeper.  I think I may have commitment issues or something.

What have I been up to?  Well, I decluttered the house and am feeling extra good about it.  The sewing room got yet another going over and is looking pretty spick.

I’ve been ruthless and tossed projects that haven’t been touched in sometime.  Cleared out my wool bin of all the yuck yarn and donated it to the second hand shop.

Discovered I have more baskets that I can use.

Saw another very nice one today at ‘discount dave’s’ that I’m seriously considering going back for.  If the urge is still strong tomorrow I think I shall succumb.

The weather has been kind for the past couple of days.  Thank goodness.  We really needed a bit of respite from the harsh heat.  Yesterday was almost cool enough to pout on a cardigan – but I didn’t.  I shivered deliciously and delighted in the coolness.

 Yesterday was craft afternoon at J*’s.  I brought along my ‘Sunbonnet Sue’ stitchery to work on.  Didn’t get too much done, what with all the eating and talking to be attended to.

Have been addicted to Ladettes to Ladies for the past couple of months.  It finished last week and so my Tuesday nights are back to being TV free.  I’m looking forward to when they have the next lot on.  I’m a teal sucker for ‘before’ and ‘afters’.

Well, I’m off to cast on for a short sleeved cardigan type top that I bought online a week or so ago.


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