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Finally I have grown sweetpeas.  These are my most favourite flower and I just adore their scent.  I have been trying to grow them from seeds for about three years in a row and it just wasn’t happening.  This year I bought seedlings and popped them in a pot on the front porch and they really seemed to like it.

wisteria in sunlight

The wisteria along the fence line is coming along nicely.

luminous sky

And the side lane is looking lush.

a yellow jacket and bootties

I did manage to finish off the yellow jacket and I started on the green yarn, which is just lovely to knit with:

green outfit

This is in a state of limbo at the moment waiting for me to clear off the ironing board so I can press it and get it sewn together.  Rather than wait I started on the next little knit top for Bubba M*.  He took it home today and shall wear it to a birthday party tomorrow. 

Max knit top

I cross stitched the train on from a little pattern book that’s been sitting around collecting dust for a few years.  I also learned how to do reverse crochet – otherwise known as crab stitch.  Thank goodness for the internet and ‘how to clips’ on you tube and for the generous people who share their knowledge.  Thank you so much!

My work in progress right now:


And I’m off now to get some more done on it. 

The ironing board still remains cluttered and unusable, but I’m determined to take care of that tomorrow. 


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