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remember when…

Remember a lifetime ago, when I was entering that competition to win the Dick and Jane fabric pack?

dick and jane fabric

 Well, I won it  🙂

It’s now sitting and waiting for the weather to warm up so I can get it all washed, dried and ironed, ready for a quilt for a certain someone.


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shadow play…

shadow play

Ah, my poor wee neglected blog.  How long has it been, and I probably wouldn’t be here now, but that I had to log on to comment on a dear friend’s blog.

So many things have kept me occupied of late and here is one of them:

Baby Feet 2

Bubba M*, grand son number two has joined us.  He  has his Nanny knitting boy colours instead of girl colours.  Quilting blues and greens and trains instead of pinks and mauves and florals.

He is beautiful. 

And a quiet baby, which is a blessing for his mother who has a very active almost two year old who doesn’t quite know how to sit still.

And yet the pitter patter of more tiny baby feet:

Jinx 1

This is Jinx.  An adorable boy poodle whose hair is slightly shorter now as I tried out the new pet clippers on him yesterday.  He is such a well behaved and intelligent dog.  And he’s so small and handy he’s easy to take anywhere without too much bother.  He was nameless for three days until the perfect name came along.

Last night two girlfriends J* and S* and I went to see psychic Deb Webber at the RSL club.  I love her.  She is so warm and open and it was one of those experiences that I’m so glad I had.  I didn’t get any reading, and I was expecting to, I just wanted to see her.

She’s usually on ‘sensing murder’ which is one of my absolutely favourite TV shows. I think I only have about three favourites  :-).  If it was on at twelve o’clock at night I’d make the effort to stay up  – or get up -and watch it.

Unfortunately it’s only on pay TV at the moment and in this house we don’t care enough about TV to justify the expense of it.

It has been cold today.  The interschool sports carnival was on and we parents stood shivering on the side lines as we watched our children lap the oval and run the relays.  It took a lo-o-o-ng time to get to three o’clock.

And now it’s early evening.  The wind is blowing outside and the rain that’s been threatening all afternoon has finally decided to fall.  A pot of soup sits on the stove and a fire blazes in the fireplace.  It’s Friday night, it’s movie night, and one of my most favourite nights of the week, so I’m off now to enjoy it.

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