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Bit of an outing this afternoon to T*’s house for craft. 

I didn’t get around to having the bubba quilt ready to take so the crocheting was my companion for the afternoon.  I haven’t got a whole lot to do on the quilt, it’s just a matter of getting my act together for long enought to get the rest of the bits sewn up.  Two hours ought to see it done.  Maybe even less.  I’ve got the iron on and the bits and pieces laid out all ready and waiting for me to get off the computer and see to pinning them together.   

While at the shops this morning I bought Jock and Noodle the poodle (who is now my daughter R*’s dog – thank goodness, because I don’t think I would have had the heart to give him up) – one of those dried bones each.  It’s so funny to watch them.  Jock wants both and he keeps trying to sneak up and take Noodles from him.  Jock likes to sit next to his bone and guard it.  I think he’s waiting for Noodle to finish his so then he can gloat.

Todays weather has been rather mild.  It’s been looking like it might rain for most of the day so I’d better go and get the towels in before it does and then it’s full on with the quilt. 


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dark pink flowers

Here we are at Sunday again and I have big plans to get this baby quilt all pieced and backed and basted and ready to take to T*’s tomorrow for craft.  I still have hope, there’s hours and hours left to the day.

Failing having the quilt ready to go, it will be the crochet squares which are languishing in  a basket in the loungeroom.  It’s been some time since they’ve seen the light of day.

Last week at craft K* lent me her book called ‘the blue ribbon cook book’ by Liz Harfull which are recipes and anecdotes from blue ribbon winners at local shows. I have tried  three recipes from it and they were all a success and were eaten by the family  – the magpies got none of it. One of the recipes is for cream puffs, which my nana used to make.  They’re a big hit, as were honey biscuits. There was a fair bit of work involved in the making of the honey biscuits, but they wre eaten in record time,whcih I find very satisfying. I hate when I go to the effort of cooking something and it doesn’t get eaten.

The book is definitely on my to buy list.  I went to see if there was a copy on Fishpond http://www.fishpond.com.au/index.php?ref=556&affiliate_banner_id=4

but the copy that was there before I tried any of the recipes has since been sold, so as soon as another comes in I plan to snap it up.

Well, I’d better get piecing.  Hope you all have a lovely slow moving day.

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Gosh, here we are at Friday again – not that I’m complaining, mind.  I’m just finding it hard to believe how quickly it seems to be coming around these days.

I went outside this morning at 6:30ish to get some wood for the fire.  I looked up into the sky and saw a sliver of moon peeking out between the clouds and the bare branches of the trees.  It looked great,  so I ran back in to get the camera, but when I got back out again the clouds had blocked it.  I waited around for a bit, but it still didn’t appear.  I took a photo of the sky anyway because I thought it looked good.

a dawn sky    another dawn sky

Then on the way back in, I spotted the leaves on the ground and thought they looked good too.

dawn light on leaves

A few days ago I went out and bought the fabric for the latest baby quilt.

baby quilt fabric

I’ve  got all the pieces cut.  It’s going to be a nine patch.  A chain of them is sitting in my sewing machine at the moment in a state of suspended animation as I had to leave in a hurry to get to TAFE.  I made myself go even though I really didn’t feel like it.  It was definitely a stay at home and make a quilt sort of day. 

There’s three weeks to go before the end of TAFE term, so that’s not too bad.  I’m a bit of a hermit come Winter, prefering to stay home with the dogs, books and stitching- and a good supply of firewood.

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red leaves

Today was my first day back at TAFE for about 5 weeks, though it feels like longer.  I’ve not been riding the bike lately as it’s been too cold and  Daughter R* kindly lent me her car as she walked to work today, which is just around the corner – so that worked out nicely.

I madly tidied the house this morning so I wouldn’t have that to do when I got home and dinner is organised so, all in all it’s been a very good day.

fabric scraps

These are the fabric scraps from K*.  I’m really looking forward to getting started on them, but first thing is getting the scarf off the needles, then the Bubba’s quilt started and finished and then I’ll let myself run amok with this pile.  I’m really in the quilting mood, but this scarf needs to be done and for using big needles and thickish yarn it sure feels to be moving very slowly.  I think if I work on it tonight during the movie night movie (yet to be determined) I should be done with it by bedtime.

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Autumn days…

crabapples 1

I have to tell you, I am just loving this weather.  Gorgeous days, cold nights, great colours all over the place.  
The picture below was the view from Sonny Boy’s school.

another autumn sky

This is the view when you look in the other direction:

a winding path

Yesterday was craft at K*’s house.  She lives a little way out of town in a sweet little house with lovely country views.  I do so love a country view. And K*’s house is the perfect distance out.  A 2 minute drive and you’re back in town again, so, if you run out of any of the essentials, no problem.

K* makes the most beautiful quilts and yesterday she gave T * http://beadywitch.wordpress.com/ and I her scraps to fight over share out.  Now, you know you’re a quilter when you get a thrill out of other people’s cast off fabric scraps.  And the really good thing is that K* has such a delightful taste in colours and prints.  I’m thinking I’ll make some kind of charm square quilt out of mine.

To K*’s I took my scarf knitting.  When I got there I realised I was one needle short and thankfully K* had some size 8’s in her collection so I managed to get a few rows knitted up – otherwise I would have had to spend ALL my time there eating :-).  When T* dropped me back home she said ‘there’s your neddle’ and sure enough, there it was lying on the grass verge on top of this lot here.

autumn leaves 2

I’m in the mood to read through cookbooks this afternoon and perhaps make something sweetish, though I’m not quite sure what yet.  I’m thinking cream puffs.  I’ve never made them before, but my Nana used to make them when I was a kiddy and I loved them.

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Morning all.  Well, today is the day after mother’s day, but please do let me tell you what wonderful children I was luckly enough to have put in my care.  Now, I do love presents, but rather than the actual present it’s the thought and care behind it which is important to me.  So, I really loved the perfume and the CWA cookbook and those delightful coconut chocolates and the bath oils and the slippers and the clock, but it was the card which made the biggest impression on my heart:

card front 1

Here is the knitted front with button accessories.

card open 1

the middle with photos of my children at various stages of their lives.

card back 2

and here’s the back, which is a beautiful poem/tribute to a mother.

Isn’t it beautiful! They were working on it in secret.  I’m so glad I taught them to knit 🙂 

Lunch was spent at the in-laws again.  Most of the occasions are.  They insist upon in, and that’s OK by me most of the time.  This year my mother-in-law didn’t quite feel up to it and told us on Thursday that she wasn’t going to do it this year, so my daughters and I decided to do a lunch here, and told my in-laws to come here for the day.  Then my mother-in-law decided that she would host lunch after all and that she’d already started the preparations and that we misunderstood that she wasn’t going to do it, only that she ‘might not’ do it.  Grrrrrr.  The principle part of me wanted to boycott, but the lazy part of me won out and we had it at her place after all.

Today is about housework and then a theatrical performance which is on at the school which I’m going to watch at 2pm and then I’m going to see what I might make out of the CWA cookbook.  I can tell you right now it won’t be tripe soup.

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catching breaths…

spot the dog

Spot the Dog called Noodle

What a week!  Full on and full of distractions.  I’m so glad that today is Friday and we have begun to slow down and take some deep breaths.  Tonight, of course, is movie night.  Not quite sure what we’ll be watching, but I’m really looking forward to some time on the lounge with my knitting needles.  I’ve been trying to track down my knitting book so that I can find an interesting pattern for the next scarf  I’m about to cast on for.  I have no idea where it is.  I must have popped it in a bag somewhere to take with me, but which bag???  It’s a big book, so not easy to lose, but I seem to have managed it.

Right, I’m off to get dinner seen to.

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