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girl interrupted…

I didn’t get to see very much of Miss Marple yesterday as Daughter B* and Bubba J* came around for a visit.  B* crocheted and I knit and we both drank tea while Bubba J* played with everything but his toys.

I’m babysitting Bubba J* after lunch today until I pick up Sonny Boy from school so I’ll try and squeeze Miss Marple into this morning after a flying visit to the shops to get what the pantry is running short on.

I got heaps done on the scarf yesterday.  A few more rows and it’ll be finished, and I’m wondering if I can possibly fit in knitting another for the school mother’s day stall, with a different pattern though because I am sick of this one.  I’m not quite sure what day the stall will be held, but I’ll give making one a good go.  If I miss the date it can always be used as a gift somewhere down the line. 

This is a photo of a gift I made ages ago for a very good friend.  It’s a really bad photo taken with a webcam before I got my ‘proper’ camera. 



Now, I’m off to make another cup of coffee as time is getting on and before long the house will be stirring and it’ll be time for breakfasts and all that sort of thing.


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Good morning.  I’m really supposed to be inthe kitchen right now whipping up a bunch of chocolate pattycakes for Sonny Boy’s recess.  I realised, with relief that I didn’t have to iron the shirts as Winter uniform is now the norm, so that’s good.  

It’s cold and grey and chill outside, and I don’t have any outside the house errands today (so far), so my plan, and it’s a good one, is to come home, light the fire potter for a bit, knit on the scarf because it’s a priority as it’s needed as a present fairly soon and then I’m going to put on a episode of Miss Marple, make a cup of tea  and do some stitching on the quilt, because the way the weather’s going it will come in very handy this year. 

Hope your day is lovely.


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tempus fugit…

And so here we are at the last day of holidays  before term begins and the mood is somewhat sombre.  Hushed and expectant- or it could just be me.  Tonight normal bedtime resumes, dinner scheduling returns to normal, I still have to iron school shirts – Drat!  Forgot about that bit until just now.


there’s one thing I didn’t forget about and that’s the watch challenge.  Of course I left it until the last minute because that’s pretty much how I do things. 


and again…


and again…


Such a poser!

Actually, I’m not overly thrilled with it, but it’s done and done is good.  All that’s required now is a battery.

My next move is to light the fire and think about getting those school shirts ironed.  Tomorrow morning would probably be considered the last minute, right?

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A short while ago the phone rang, and Sonny Boy, who has a lovely phone manner answered it, thinking it was his friend calling.  Seconds later he was passing the phone over to me and gesturing that he had no idea who it was. 

On the other end was a rather brusque female voice with no introduction or pleasantry asking me if I could please come in and pay off some of my bill.  I asked who was calling, and after she told me I asked her who she was wanting to speak to, thinking it might have been Daughter R* (not that she doesn’t pay her bills, but I knew for sure it wasn’t me)  and then told her that she had the wrong number which was followed by an intricate run through on what number I had and what she had dialled and then, without apology, she hung up and I went back to buttering toast and mildly pondering the rudeness of some people and whether or not promite or vegemite should be the order of the day, so I asked SB* what the lady said when he answered the phone and he said he didn’t know, but simply said, ‘he’d get her’.  So, obviously the woman thought I was the culprit and simply trying to pull the wool over her eyes.

I have told him that listening well is just as important as speaking well, but he’s a guy and young, so it’s a repeat lesson.

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Brrr, it’s been deliciously wintry here lately.  I do enjoy looking out of a snug warm house at a cold grey sky.  I love going outside and getting a chilled nose and icy fingers and feeling the frosty air about me, so long as I eventually get to go back into said snug warm house and warm up by the wood fire.  Yes, winter definitely has it’s place in the seasons for me.

Over the weekend I’ve been working alternatively on the crochet, the knitted scarf and regularly thinking about getting some more stitches into the quilt.  I also have another little something to do today and will show the results tomorrow.

This is me:



and I am really looking forward to this movie coming to Australia.  http://coraline.com/  If you want to button eye yourself, go into the Other Mother’s workroom and have fun.  It’s painless, really, and fun.

I marvel at the intricacy of the stuff made for this movie, have a read , it’ll blow you away.  The jumper Coraline wears is knit on pieces of wire, I think it is.  I tried to find the link, but had no luck.  There might be one somewhere on the above link.  There’s all sorts of little treats there.

So, here I am anxiously waiting, though I think it might be a while yet, but it’s lovely to have delightful things to anticipate.

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Uh oh.  It’s one of those days. 

One of those very unmotivated days where I can’t seem to get it together and do what I really really ought to be doing, and one of those things is to take Sonny Boy’s bike in for its six monthly health inspection – this morning, and this morning is quickly slipping through my fingers.  I don’t like this sort of feeling, it’s a bit like drowning in my own negligence. 

Of course, what I need to do is give myself a jolly good talking to, a bit of a slap might help, butI’m not into violence.  Turning off the computer definitely would. 

I’ve posted two thoroughly innapropriate pictures today, because I didn’t want to wait for next Christmas to do it.  These are the two decorations I made last Christmas, but didn’t post then as I was in a computer aversion frame of mind, which is the total opposite of my present mood.  I once read somewhere that I am an all or nothing sort of person, not that I usually put much credence in this sort of thing,  but it does seem to be true – which is unfortunate, because I’d much rather be a happy medium sort of person.

snowman-3                         beaded-bauble-4           

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be the flower…


Daughter  B*:  I have to go home, I have so much to do.

Me:  Oh, what do you have to do?

Daughter B*:  Well, nothing really.

Me:  Well, why did you say that then?

Daughter B*: Because it’s still too much.



She’s 5 months pregnant and Mummy to a very active 17 month old Bubba J* so it’s no wonder she’s feeling overwhelmed.

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