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…my next crochet blanket. 

I really like the subdued tone of the colours, but am thinking it might need a splash of red and yellow thrown in for good measure.  The picture of it I have in my head looks really nice.  I love the look of Granny squares with their assortment of colours in the same square.  I’m not real fond of sewing in all the joins though, so I’m going to keep the colours in each square to a minimum.  It feels quite nice too, not all scratchy like wool sometimes can.

I’m over my crochet aversion now.

I just had to let it go for a while – get past that ripple blanket experience. *shudder*


Weatherwise, it’s a delightfully moody kind of day.  Overcast sky, blustery winds. I love weather like this inside and out.  It’s just so full of potential. 




I picked up Sonny Boy from school in the car this afternoon as he had a project he had to take in that we couldn’t get to school on a bike, and while I was waiting for him to come out I started on the front of the doll’s jumper I’m knitting.  It’s one of the doll jumper patterns I picked up in Orange last week. 

It’s really quite complicated – for a simple knitter like me.  I have to watch it every step of the way.  It’s made in double moss stitch AND has cable AND bobbles up the front -AND so  do the sleeves.  I think this will be my most challenging knitting adventure yet.  I’ve done the back.  That was just double moss stitch. 

I had started the front last night, but made a mistake that I couldn’t work out when or how and so I just ripped the whole thing out.  This is a project I have to do in isolation – no distractions.  It’ll be very cute if I can see it through to the end.  I think I’ll start the crochet blanket going as well and that can be what I’ll work on when there are distractions, which is most of the time – especially with the school holidays coming up. 

Besides, when I get new wool, I have to start on it right away – it’s an instant gratification thing. 


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who says…



…nothing beautiful ever comes of force?

 I disagree.  I think sometimes, beautiful things come of force.  Look at nature for example.  The sculpture of rock from the force of the elements, and I’m sure there’s plenty more examples, but it’s 6:18am and I’ve just cleaned the bathroom – (another forced process with beautiful results) and I don’t want to be thinking of them right now.  They might come to me later, after I’ve had my first coffee of the day.


I’m sitting in front of the computer drinking it before I’m off to do the kitchen floor and then there’s the mopping and the vacuuming, laundry hanging, then the school lunch, then breakfasts.  It’s quite exciting really.  Like I imagine running a marathon might be – the thrill of the race and all. 

The challenge is to get all my housework done by 9:30(am) (just in case you were wondering) and it’s become a bit of a game.

When I was a bit younger, actually, just before they brought those scanning machines into Australian country stores, I used to do casual work on the checkouts in a department store here in town and I used to have a great old time racing myself to type the barcode into the cash register and beat my own times.  Which just goes to show that one can keep themselves stimulated and challenged in any occupation, really, can’t they.  Simply make a fun game out of it.  Take the game out and then it just becomes a drudge – a bit like housework without a time limit – it’s the time limit that makes it fun you see.


I fear I may be rambling


I wonder if Monday is going to be the housework blog day.


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I’m just not ready for tomorrow to be Monday.  Two more weeks and it’s the school holidays, but my heart is already there, thoroughly anticipating the slow flow of the days, the lack of routine, and the weather fine enough to enjoy it all.

Today has been spent listening to boys playing boy games, making pasta sauce and knitting on the lounge while the day drifts by.


Tomorrow is the day I have to do the intense clean on the house in keeping with my new improved house-keeping persona  – perhaps that’s why I’m not ready for Monday.


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…that calls to me without me even knowing it.  Then suddenly I’ll realise that most of the stuff around me is that colour. 

For instance, yesterday morning Daughter B* delivered my avon order which is the maroon bag on the left.  I thought it would make a handy knitting cum handbag.  I didn’t choose the colour – just went with whatever I got. It came with that little maroon pouch in the middle which is handy for small scissors etc. 

Then we went to Orange and at the opportunity shop there I found that maroon knitting bag on the right – I’ve been wanting a knitting bag for a while, but hadn’t gotten round to buying one yet.  This one was only $3 and by the look of it has never been used.

While in Orange we tracked down a particular wool shop which had moved and by the time I found it there’s wasn’t a lot of time for browsing which was disappointing because there was such a lovely assortment and such pretty colours. I had to be back by 3pm to pick up Sonny Boy from school, but I did manage to grab those doll clothes knitting patterns and this morning I went to Hobby Sew here in town and had a riffle through their wool to knit up one of the jumpers and lo, it’s maroon – mind, it could have easily been green.  It was a toss up between the two.  All up, though,there wasn’t a great deal to choose from.  We could really use a good wool/yarn shop here in town.

Being Friday it is, according to tradition, Movie Night.  The popcorn is at the ready as am I.  I’m thinking ‘A Series of Unfortunate Events’.  We’ve seen it many times before, but I’m just in the mood.  Jim Carrey is utterly brilliant in it.  Anyway, we’ll see how that works out.

Hope you’re all having a lovely Friday.

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the *other* secret…



The day I went to A*’s and she gave to me the lavender, she told me a secret.  A beautiful, wonderful secret that has the potential to change life as I know it.


It was after I had exclaimed in awe at the neatness and prettiness of her house, it was while we sat around the outside table and while I was bemoaning my usual moan of disorganisation and housework procrastination woes that weigh me down so.

It was then she told me the *other* secret.

Would you like to hear it?

You may already know it – possibly I am one of the few left still floundering in the dark.

Now, I have seen the light.  And it is beautiful.


Here is the secret:



Do your housework when you get up.













I know!!!  As simple as that.

I wasn’t quite sure I wanted to give up my lovely solitary morning time and voiced such thoughts, and A*, that wise, wise owl, she said to me that if I did it in the morning, just got in there and did it, it would only take me a little time and I would then have all day to pursue my activities of choice.  Rather than doing what I do now and spending most of the day fobbing off what I’m supposed to do I thought that maybe I would give it a go – just to see, you know.

And it works – at least for me it does.  I get up, get dressed and get on with it – and I can’t tell you the relief of having it done and out of the way and the blank canvas of the day stretching before me.  Of course there’s still the dinner to see to, but I’m still looking into that.  

It’s early, heady days yet. I may slip back.

 It’s 7:20am as I type this, just wanted a coffee break – now I’m off to sweep the kitchen, there’s not much to do, really.  I’ve found that this organisation thing, when kept in check, carries over to the next day.  Lovely!

Oh yes, forgot to mention, Monday is the major cleaning day – you know, bathroom and toilet scrubbing, floor mopping, carpet vacuuming – I can handle that one day a week.

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craft day…


…was lovely. 

And that’s it for my turn at hostessing it until sometime after the school holidays. 

It’s always so much more relaxing when it’s at someone else’s place.

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I am so over you!

I thought that, along with the lavender stuffed hearts I’d make some of the above knitted facecloths for the school mother’s day stall, but, seems like three’s my limit.  I’m expecting much the same output for the hearts.

I’m in the quilting mood today so all other craftiness is going on the backburner and I’m going to spend some quality time with the dresden plate quilt putting some stitches into it.  It’s nesting on a cupboard just inside my bedroom door and nudges and whispers to me every time I walk by it.

I hear you poor, sad, neglected dresden plate quilt.  I hear you.  I’m coming.

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