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And I didn’t even wait until today.  I just got stuck in and did it last night – and it feels soooo good.  Now I have room to move and breathe.  Now the atmosphere no longer stifles and repels me.

The floor could probably definitely use a good vacuuming, but all in good time.

So here we are, 6:30am on a Saturday morning and I’m feeling thoroughly energised.  Ready to get a move on on this project the idea of which has been sitting on my shoulder whispering in my ear about how time is running out and I’d better get a move on.  And now I shall.

Happily and unclutterdly.

Let the inspiration flow.

*the ironing pile remains.  But it's only a small one.

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I really need another room. 

For all the craft stuff I have. 

I need one room to work play in and one to store all the stuff in.  Unfortunately we don’t have any spare rooms going. 

What I really need to do is de-clutter, but how do I do that when I don’t want to part with anything?  I need all the scrap-booking stuff, because one day I just might get it together and do some more pages.

And I need all the odd bits and pieces I’ve collected here and there, because, well, because they always come in handy for something or other, and all the fabric and all the embroidery floss and all yarns and beads and other assorted trinkety pieces that are slowly but surely taking up the space and inching ever closer to the door. 

There is no clear surface in here. The ironing board contains coloured printing paper, glue, a bag of assorted felt and lace, yarn, pipe cleaners, vliesofix (sp?), computer printouts a DVD, no ironing though, I’m pleased to say.  The ironing is on the sewing bench.


See, there it is in the back right hand corner.

The work bench, well, I don’t even want to start with that, so here’s a picture and you can judge for yourself.


If you’re wondering about the egg carton, I put my embroidery floss in there, the one’s that come in a ball.

Oh golly.  I’m feeling all claustrophobic and can’t breathe properly.

I’m not quite sure why I’m showing you this.  Perhaps to shame myself into getting it straightened.  Again.

The competition I’m trying to get working on is slowly creeping toward it’s closing date, but I keep putting off working on it because, well, because there’s not much room for movement here.  I’ve already availed myself of  all available surfaces including the floor and I’m not going to show a picture of that.  I do have some pride, sometimes.

My crocheting and knitting have been zooming along because I can take it into the loungeroom and close the door to this room and out of sight out of mind – works for me.

But no more.  No more, I say!!!   Tomorrow this room shall be spick and span-ish.

At least, that’s the plan.

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going red…


Maybe not so much red as orange, perhaps.  It’s supposed to wash out in 8 washes so we’ll see.  I have a feeling my hair might have a delicate tinge of pink to it for a while after the 8 washes, though.

I have finished off the crochet baby blanket and have decided not to back it because I really like the way it drapes, and if I had to back it, well, it wouldn’t be finished, would it?  And it just feels sooo good to have a thing finished.


See here how it drapes itself delicately over the back fence?


And here it is draping languidly over the ivy. 

I also got my bike serviced today so it’s a little easier to ride.  Having air in the tyres certainly helps. 

Daughter B* and Bubba J* came round between playgroups and we had pizza for lunch which was lovely, and apart from that it was a rather uneventful day.  Tomorrow I shall try and get a little more accomplished because today feels pretty well wasted on that front.

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Gosh, Sunday sure came along quick this week.  And is going pretty quickly too.  It’s been a lovely day.  The sun’s shining – but not too hot.  It would have been the perfect day for a picnic down by the river, but that just didn’t happen.  Nevermind, there’s still plenty of time before the weather gets anti – picnicky – I think.

My day was spent with an early morning dose of ‘Desperate Housewives’ – it finally came in yesterday.  I never watch it on TV.  I hold out for the year and then watch it on DVD.  That way I can watch it at my leisure without ads and other interuptions.  So, it was a fine start to my day.  Then I managed to squeeze in a bit of crotcheting around the edge of the baby blanket before Bubba J* came for a visit and play while his mum and dad got to work painting the inside and porch of their house.  At the moment Bubba J*’s in the bedroom NOT going to sleep.  Something to do with that raspberry iceblock in the above photo perhaps?

In the early afternoon we took a stroll down to the shops so I could pick up some stuff for dinner.  I’m not used to how much more difficult shopping while weilding a pram around is.  And there were only 2 registers that it was able to fit through on leaving.  It was really quite stressy – there seemed to be people all over the place and pram blockages at fairly regular intervals.  It was a relief to get out of there and head home.  I was so laden down with shopping I thought there was a chance I might collapse and die before I got there. After that I sat in the back yard with a cold drink doing the Take 5 crossword puzzle and supervising.   I can still hear him merrily chatting away to himself and his teddies.  Can’t be too much longer before he succumbs.


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just stuff…


This is what the lane which runs beside our house is looking like these days.  And there are still the occasional wisteria flowers coming up along the fence line.  It’s all looking very green and lush.  Probably from that days worth of non stop drizzle we had last weekend.


Today I didn’t tidy up the sewing room, but Sonny Boy and I did venture forth to the shopping centre where we ate chips and gravy and bought new shoes for school sport.  I’m feeling rather good about myself not bringing home a whole lot of ‘stuff I don’t need’, it’s quite therapeutic, and I feel I’ve grown, somehow.  It’s quite empowering really.  Hope it lasts.

I have a plan to go through my cooking magazines and make some kind of menu plan for the week and then doing all the shopping for it  – all part of the ‘organised me’ I’m working toward.

For now, though, I’m thinking I’ll get myself a cold drink and go outside and read the Australian Country Style magazine I borrowed from the library.

Yes, that sounds like just the thing.

Actually watching some Desperate Housewives would be just the thing, but my reserved copies at the video shop haven’t come in yet, which is a bit off because they were due back a week ago.  Maybe I’ll just give them a reminder call.

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it’s happened again!

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I was sitting here at my computer, sipping a cup of tea and just casually looking about the room, when it occured to me that this noticeboard is the neatest thing here. 

Come to think of it, it may be the neatest thing in my entire house.

I’m not a particularly organised person – though I would very much like to be.  I believe I could achieve an amazing amount if only I weren’t at the whim of my own wishy washiness.


Being a little more busy with TAFE one and a half days a week has made me a little more organised, and only this week because it’s only just begun and only because I have to be – that is if I wish to keep a cool head and not be racing around when I least want to be, trying to get things organised.  Imagine if I had a full time job outside the home.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.  Lots of things would fall by the wayside – I imagine the first of them would be my sanity.  Of course, being fundamentally lazy doesn’t help.

I was standing over the kitchen sink the other day – not the same day that the light got all glowy (I stand over the kitchen sink rather a lot) – anyway, I was standing over the kitchen sink on this particular occasion and I was running through my mind all the things I had to do and planning which I ought to do first.  The crochet blanket?  That just needs a bit of finishing, should I work on that and clear it off the decks?  But then the closing date of that competition is slowly drawing closer, *tsk*, but I really do feel like working on that knitted blanket, or perhaps doing some more embroidery on the cot quilt.  Oh, it was quite exhausting I can tell you.  I think in the end I made a cup of tea and read some blogs.

So, hats off to all you organised and productive people.  One day I hope to join your ranks, rather than looking enviously in from the sidelines.

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