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presenting the present…

Okay, so remember how it was T*’s birthday yesterday?  Well today we had her birthday lunch.


…and, remember this?


This is what I made for her birthday present. 


Personally my favourites are those little quilt block magnets.  I got the pattern from ‘Homespun Vol:8 No: 9’



They were a lot of fiddly fun to make and I think I need to make up a few more because just see how pretty they make my dull old electricity box look?  I do plan to make myself some, I just need to wait for the spirit to return.


I was also rather proud of myself that I managed to sew the zipper in the little carry bag without any problems.  Unfortunately I never paid any attention during sewing lessons at school.  I vividly recall a dark distant incident involving a stretchy terry towelling jacket, a zipper and a hell of a lot of unpicking *shudder*. 

I don’t do translating instructions at all well, so don’t and used my own initiative with the whole thing – which probably takes three (or more) times longer than just learning to do it the correct way, but we’ll just put that little fault in the same bag with the procrastination fault and stick it here behind the lounge and just ignore it, okay? 

And that’s the craft circle birthdays over until next year.


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 A year or so ago I bought this basket from a second hand shop.


I love cane and wicker and all sorts of handmade baskets and I had high hopes for this one.  For a long time, though, it sat beneath my sewing desk and held my old curtains and was pretty much out of sight, out of mind.


Until yesterday when the urge came upon me to do something about it.


There was a snippin’ and a stitchin’ and some slight refined cussin’ and then…


’twas done.


And here it is in action that you may see its very handy little pattern holder and it’s funky little pockets that will hold lots and lots of things – even a needle guage


When I find it.

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