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And sorry, but there are still no photos of exciting craft shows to show.  I didn’t want to lug my camera along and be thinking about what to take pictures of.  Besides that I didn’t think people would appreciate it – they may have thought I was trying to plagiarise their ideas. 

It was a great couple of hours.  Meandering from stall to stall soaking up the inspiration, marvelling at the creativity, slopping kebab sauce all down the front of myself because I was too agog at the myriad of prettiness that I forgot how to eat with at least some decorum.


It was lovely – except for that kebab sauce bit.

I went with my eldest daughter B* and Bubba J* who behaved himself very well. This is the first time Daughter B* has shown an interest in craft fairs.  She actually suggested we go together.  I was planning to go alone and meander at my leisure, but I jumped at her suggestion. 

The first thing I headed for when we walked into the showground was the book stall.  Oh my, how I love books, and my first buy was two books.  That satisfied me and really, apart from something to eat I need not have bought anything else.  What I did buy, though probably boring to look at, excited me. After the books I found a patchwork stall and fell head over heels with that cute little fat 1/4 in the picture – I have a fair idea of what I’m going to use it for, then  I found Pritt gel,  which I can’t get in this town and have to order online, so imagine the thrill when I found a stall selling it – I am so pathetically easy to please.  Then I found a bracelet chain, which was very cheap and probably won’t last very long, but it’ll suit my purpose for the time being.  I know, telling you of these things sounds rather boring, so I’ve taken a hopefully artful photo of my buys sans kebab:


It’s not a lot, but I’m stoked with it all, which just goes to show what a good time you can have and not spend a whole lot of money.

T* http://beadywitch.wordpress.com/ had a stall and *sigh* her stuff is just divine.  She’s so talented sometimes I just want to smack her (not really)  She turns out so much beautiful jewelry and no two pieces look the same and she’s always spreading out and stretching her boundaries.  I get a real kick out of seeing all the new stuff she creates.

Speaking of T*- it’s her birthday today, so HAPPY BIRTHDAY, T*!!!!!

Made you something:


The little card reads:  “The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on the porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling that was the best conversation you’ve ever had”.

(which I didn’t make up myself)


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Today I awoke with a certain kind of glow.  A queer sense of delicious anticipation a-fluttering deep within  my belly.  ‘But it is not yet Christmas’ one small part of my befuddled mind points out to the other parts of itself and the other parts – the more awake parts declare loudly in a voice of strident sing song ‘nay, tis better, tis the day of the craft fair’ (my mind speaks like that on occassion – not just early morning)  And gleefully I jump from the bed, and, well, here I am because the craft fair doesn’t start until 10am, which is a while away yet.  The weather is looking good so far – which means it’s not raining and I took a peek at the sky from the sewing room window, which is where my computer lives, and it looks like it might be shaping up for a cool, clear, craft fairing kinda day, but I know bugger all about predicting weather so that could be mostly wishful thinking.

Lacking any photos of very exciting craft fairs to show you,let me instead introduce you to this little girl.  I started knitting these about 10 years ago – not full on mind, only I knit my first one about 10 years ago, all up I think I’ve made about 6.  Three of which had little lavender sachets in their bellies making them prime candidates for the somewhat iffy name smelly belly dollies.


Ah yes, I remember it well- rock *creak* rock *creak (that’s my rocking chair, if you’re wondering) , I was visiting my parents in South Australia and at a bit of a loss with what to do with myself one evening, when I found this pattern in one of mum’s magazines.  Mum gave me yarn, lent me needles and I was off, for about 60 (not too long) rows, until I got to where I had to do something funky with the foot part.  So, mum not being much use with anything too funky in the knitting arena, I held my tongue just so, experimented and unpicked a few times, until I finally mastered it – there was no online knitting help back then – at least not in my mum’s house and so I had to wing it.  I shouldn’t really say ‘until’ I finally mastered it, because that makes it sound like I would have persevered to the bitter end, but alas I am of the temperament where if it doesn’t work within the first 10 minutes, then I don’t want to know about it.  Just think, this little dolly may never have existed, nor her five siblings either.

However, dolly is about to undergo a metamorphosis.  She’s grown up now and is a teenager and the next one I embark upon is going to look like a teenager.  It might not be anatomically correct, but it will have longer arms, longer legs and definitely attitude.  I’ve been thinking of doing this for a few years now.  I do so like to mull things over before I commit myself.  Actually, that’s not true I’m thoroughly impulsive – that’s just my procrastination rearing its lazy head.

I know I said I was going to make those Christmas tree(s), and I am, but I still haven’t found the needle guage – not that I’ve had time to relook, as I’ve been sleeping or movie watching between my last post and this one, but until I do I’m going to cast on for a teenage smelly belly because there’s a part of my brain that is just screaming out to get back with the knitting and will. not. be. denied.

Oh my, still 2 hours till the craft fair opens so I’m going to make a coffee and find my needles – the ones that are already marked with the size – and I know exactly where they are, just in case you’re getting the impression that I am always thoroughly disorganised.

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Right, remember the ‘Mason dixon’ Christmas tree I want to knit?  Well, tonight I went looking for my needle guage, which I always seem to be looking for,  because I do like to do things by the book.  So, there I was looking high, looking low moving things about and straightening things up until I looked at my work bench and thought ‘my, that sure looks tidy’ and I went for my camera and took a photo – for the memories.


Do you see that doll?  Everytime I look at her I marvel at the detail that went into the making of her.   Here she is up close:


In one hand she carries a perfect patchwork quilt and in the other she carries a woven basket with 2 miniature golliwogs, a sprig of lavender, an itty bitty friendship cross stitch and a tiny friendship book.  I did try to get some photos, but the night light is just not doing it justice.  She stands majestically on my work bench and looks after all my trims and notions, but she simply refuses to do any ironing or picking up of messes, she takes her job as guardian and muse very seriously.  This treasure was made for me for my birthday four years ago by T* AKA  http://beadywitch.wordpress.com/

I probably ought not be pointing this out right now as T*’s birthday is on Sunday and although I have been sewing and glueing madly, well, it’s just not going to equal this glamour.

There’s just one thing I would change about her, and that is I would make her just a little more humble so that she would condescend to tidy up the sewing room now and again so it would stop getting into states like this:


I am shamed.

And I still haven’t found my needle guage.

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So…I was doing my usual blog trawl this morning when I came across this http://www.sheepinthecity.prettyposies.com/  at Stacey’s which I thought was such a cute and (hopefully) quick little Christmas ditty to knock up a few to give away to those special folk instead of the usual Christmas card.  Eagerly I checked out ravelry https://www.ravelry.com/account/login to see if there might be a freebie pattern for it, but alas, no.

The book the pattern came from, however, did look somewhat familiar.


and that was because it was all cosied up on my bookshelf amongst all my other crafty online book buys.


And now, I can get a start on making at least one tree and seeing if it felts properly with the wool I have in mind, before I get too carried away.

Must away now.  Over the past 4 years Sonny Boy has managed to accumulate enough blue awards, to entitle him to a book award, which he will be presented with later this morning so I have to a bit of mad rushing around to have everything on Friday’s agenda that must be done, done, so I can be at the school in time to take lots of photos and witness this proud moment.  It wouldn’t have to be such a mad rush if I’d saved posting this until this afternoon, but hey.

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thinking out loud…


Only 3 weeks and 3 days until the school year is over and we can start getting all Christmassy.  As the weather here has been quite nice and not horribly hot I am still in the mood to hang decorations and decorate the tree.  Sonny Boy is counting the days until the Christmas tree can go up.  The 1st of December is our date.  I’m rather worried about having it up so long as the cat is bound to make mince meat of it and Bubba J* is sure to want to taste test all the decorations. 

On the sewing front; I popped the dresden plate quilt over the bed yesterday to show some of the craft girlies what it looked like in all it’s glory and was happy to note that it definitely is a Queen size bed cover – took me long enough to get it right.

Today I plan to put on a stew for dinner and then spend my time with Odie here in the sewing room – Odie will be supervising and I shall be doing all the rest.


He’s very good at supervising and can mostly do it with his eyes closed.  He’s made himself a cosy spot between where I’ve got some chairs stacked and my scrap basket on top to get it out of the way.  Although he was happy to settle for lying on the meagre ironing pile that was awaiting my attention I substituted it for a wool underlay which was no longer being used.  It has a hole in it so it wouldn’t have been any good to give away – and Odie thinks it’s ever so much nicer that that old ironing pile – no buttons you see.

I also arranged the curtain (don’t recall where that came from, possibly my MIL,  though I don’t fancy the pattern much I thought it would be good backing for a future quilt) around the basket which Odie also gave me 10 out of 10 for – I think I may be a frustrated interior designer.

I also think I’d best go make myself a lovely hot coffee before the rest of the household awake.  Don’t want to be all fuddle headed on entry to the work-a-day world.




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This cushion cover has been in the making for something like two years.  All it needed was a zip and backing.  This morning I finished it off in the time it took to bake a chocolate cake.   I was having afternoon tea at my place and I thought it would be lovely for us all to sit on the front porch with our sewing and coffee and I needed chairs – comfortable chairs, and so the cushion cover was finally finished and I must say I like it a lot.   It’s soft and squooshy and has that cosy country look that I’m rather fond off.  Sonny Boy thinks I ought to stuff it a bit more as he doesn’t think it has enough bounce, but I’m leaving it just the way it is.

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the little things…


There are some really interesting sights I see riding with Sonny Boy to school and home again.



Houses oozing character.



Old tree lined streets.



Well loved gardens.



a-bike-ride-to-school-6       a-bike-ride-to-school-7




and plays of shadow and light I would have never noticed whizzing by in a car.


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