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flower power…

There are masses of poppies growing down the lane alongside my house.  It’s so pretty and makes me think of English Hedgerows.  I’ve never actually seen a hedgerow, but I imagine it to look a little bit like the assortment of flowers and grasses and weeds on either side of the lane.


My son picked me one yesterday. 

I thanked him sweetly.

I don’t really like picked flowers, though.  They live for such a little time that I feel rather sorry to have them picked and put inside in a vase to die. I much prefer them in their own enviroment.

We have a new arrival at our house.  I’ll show you the photo sometime soon. 

Here’s a hint:

It’s mine.  I ride it, and it’s not a horse.

And, for something totally unrelated, I’m on my last dresden plate block. YAAAAAY!!!

*Click on the link below if you want to see what a dresden plate looks like:



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back at it…

The dresden plate quilt has been revived.  Two more blocks ought to do it.  I find this type of quilt to take up an awful lot of fabric.  Had I just used scraps it would have been a wonderfully frugal kind of quilt, as it was I saw lots of fat eights disappear.

It’s good to be doing it again.  I do enjoy sitting and not thinking and letting my fingers do all the work.  I just love (understatement) the blissful meditation of quilting – probably said that a few hundred times before- and at the end of the journey one has a quilt that’s both useful and beautiful. 

Tomorrow the craft circle meet at K*’s place.  K* has an adorable little house on some acres just out of town.  It’s so relaxing to visit there and I’m really looking forward to it.  I’m thinking the dresden plate is what I’ll be bringing to work on.

Now to get back to doing a little more of it before the family awake and the work-a-day begins.

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au revoir…

Lately I’ve been contemplating life

…and death.

And missing a really great mate.

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How cosy does this house look?  Nestled in there amongst the gum trees, the blue expanse of sky overhead, the wide open spaces and the silences, but for the sounds of nature.

From the outside it looks great, but inside is doubtlessly small and dingy so I’ll take this one please:

Because I desire space and views and lots of room to breathe and move.

Lots of room to fill with family.  With loving and living and joy and the making of beautiful memories.


And my backyard will look like this:

and I will go on long country walks in my own backyard and have picnics under the trees.

I’ll listen to the sounds of nature, the rustle of leaves, the humming of bees

and I’ll just be


and at the front of my house part of the year it will look like this:

moody and sullen and full of secrets.

and the other part, like this:

Ready whenever you are Universe.



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quilting bee…


It’s been raining a bit lately, giving the grass a growth spurt to rival the one in the above photo.  The front garden is absolutely blooming and looks divine.  It’s my favourite part of the garden in Springtime.  Come mid-Summer it looks a bit tired and withered as do I.

(This photo isn’t of the front garden, it’s of the deepest darkest depths of the back yard.)

It’s also raining fit to inspire another bout of quilting mania, for this is just the weather to get me in the mood to busy my hands with needle and thread – besides, I desire a little break from yarn and my recent tragic experience with crochet.  I have two quilty projects laid aside when the mood waned last time waiting for their time to come again- it’s a cycle.

The above picture is of a quilt I made a couple of years ago – machine pieced, hand quilted.  I just love the hand quilting part.  I entered this in the local show and received  a 1st and champion and $30 which was an unexpected treat and which I spent on more fabric. ( Forgive me if I’ve already mentioned this in a previous post.)

So, when I get off this computer and tidy up the house some – it’s a vicious cycle- I’m going to decide which quilt to work on and then get busy with needle and thread.   This seems to me a perfect employment for a rainy public holiday Monday.


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it’s a growth thing…

It’s official – I am NOT a crocheting person.  The only thing I see of crochet in my future is flowers – maybe.  I’m okay with that.

On the book front, at the moment I’m reading Laura Ingalls Wilder, Farm Journalist – writings from the Ozarks and it occured to me that apart from the small social niceties and acceptances of the time, it’s interesting to see that life and people in those days weren’t all romantic and glorious and that it isn’t necessarily a much better time to live in, as sometimes the past is made out to be, and that people are people are people.  In fact there is a part where Laura romanticises the betterness of the ‘past’ of her particular time and so it leads me to consider that it must be a characterisitic of humanity to glorify the past, to remember the good and perhaps discard the bad – definitely an interesting read.

I’m also reading Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell by Susanna Clarke.  I’m only up to page 33 of a 782 page book, but by golly, S.C has taken me by the hand and lured me swiflty, yet gently into that shadowy world of things unseen, unknown and mysterious.  And I’m longing to visit with them again soon – but first the business of the day prevails and I must off and away to the call of the everyday.

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then it just got ugly.

Okay, so scratch that double bed ripple blanket – it’s just not gonna happen.   After working on it for 3 whole balls of yarn, which I have yet to rip out and roll back into shape,  I have decided that this is more of a very expensive chore than anything else.  And, when I’ve finished it at the ripe old age of something like, oh, say…97, I wouldn’t get to enjoy it for very long (hopefully) , which, on the bright side means I wouldn’t have to cope with the laundering of it, which I’m figuring would be some kind of pain. Also it would cost something like $300 (AUS) & counting to make – that’s if I used the yarn I wanted, which I do  did want to do – this wasn’t intended as a scratch project.  And all that going backward and forward – oh my, such a very long and tedious distance in between direction change I can tell you and I couldn’t just chill and do it, nooo, I had to watch the pattern every single step of the way, and there was one time there where I’d made a mistake at the beginning of a row by doing only dc instead of 2dc (oh, look, I can speak crochet – I know, now I’m just showing off) and so had to rip out half a mile of work – and though I really, really wanted to, I didn’t cry.

And don’t get me wrong, I’m all for a $300 heirloom – it’s not ALL about the money in this particular case – only not it being a crochet blanket that the cat’s going to want to sleep on and future kiddies are going to poke their cute little toes through when they sit with it over them while watching cartoons and rubbing their almost clean little hands over it.

So, it’s goodbye ripple and hello something that suits a girl whose totally into instant gratification

crochet squares:

Turns out I was crazy after all.


*Please, if you happen to be considering making your own ripple blanket, don’t let my whining put you off.  It has been done before, twice even:

here http://yarnstorm.blogs.com/knitblog/2007/04/scottish_dancin.html

and here… http://rosylittlethings.typepad.com/posie_gets_cozy/2007/01/ripple_effects.html

and very nicely too.

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