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the best laid plans…

Photo of Odie looking cute in the basket, because it’s been awhile and I like how it looks so ethereal.

 Well, yesterday didn’t go much according to plan.  Sonny Boy and I got caught up at the shops for quite some time meandering and spending much time in the toy section.  We had lunch at Banjo’s which we both love to do and make a fairly regular occurence of it.

On the way home we went into Spotlight and Sonny Boy enjoyed himself greatly deciding which decorations to buy with the amount of money he had.  I found some fabric that I thought would do well for Barbie clothes – mostly all my fabrics are the 100% cotton quilting kind and I wanted to have a play with something different.

I asked the shop assistant for 25cm of each of the 3 fabrics I chose and I got the ‘vibe’ -again – for the umpteenth time in my spotlighting history when I ask for smaller lengths, and so I said, ‘Look, it’s all one cut, just imagine you’re cutting 5 metres of it’, I said this in a friendly way, and then I said, ‘and really, all up it’s easier,you don’t have all that fabric to fold at the end’ and she said with a smile ‘Yes, you keep telling yourself that.’ and so, not one to let a point that needs to be made drop, I said, ‘and it’s not like the amount I’m buying makes any difference to you, the profits go into spotlight’s pockets, not yours and why should I buy more when I don’t need more.” I was being friendly still – I don’t get uptight at too much.  She started agreeing with me after that and being extra friendly.  But it’s this kind of deal that makes me want to avoid dealing with big business (or small business if they have no people skills).  I have written politely to spotlight on a couple of ocassions regarding certain things , like their getting rid of their’ pay as your knit’ service for instance, BOO!, and I haven’t heard a peep back from them.  So, that is why I prefer to internet shop.

So, when we got home Sonny Boy and I – well, I really, whipped up some baking clay and the we both got to it and he made shapes with the Christmas cookie cutters and I made buttons to replenish my stock.  They came out okay, though a little darker than they ought, but nothing a bit of paint won’t fix.

No idea what’s in store for today – my plans usually gang aft agley as with most mice and men, so we won’t be running that risk today. 🙂


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I think this year Sonny Boy is pretty much on par with the shops for getting into the Christmas spirit.  I though perhaps he might burn-out before the big day actually got here, but he doesn’t seem to think so.  Shortly we’re taking a hike around the corner to Spotlight to see what Christmas decorations he can spend some of his pocket money on and while I’m there I’ll see what takes my fancy for some Barbie clothes. I bought a pattern years ago and have 1/4 made one dress.  I intend to do it by hand because doing all that fiddly stuff on the machine takes ALL the pleasure out of it for me.  At least, it did, the last time I tried it, but like I said, that was years ago.  I’ll see what happens -I’m a whatever the mood dictates kinda person.

The house is a bit of a wreck today and so tidying that up is on the agenda.  Goody.

Then I see an afternoon of relaxation, basking in the sun with a good book or sewing or knitting – but first get thee behind me oh hellish house mess.

Must off, eager child pulling at the bit to get to the craft shop – it’s a dream come true, really.

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and so it begins…

Friday afternoon and the beginning of two weeks holiday from school – lovely.  We’ve got the DVD’s for movie night, we’ve got the popcorn and we’re raring to go, just waiting for the sun to set and dinner to be over and baths to be had.  Fingers crossed there are no dud DVD’s tonight.

Poor Max Dog is suffering from a sprained tendon in his chest/leg area and is limping around on three legs, actually he’s supposed to be lying down and he’s a bit doped up on pain killers. The vet said if he rests he should hopefully be better in two weeks.  If he rests.  I’m trying to encourage him to.  So far it’s been reasonably easy as it’s so awkward for him to get around.

Got another delightful little package in the mail today.  Yarn from Ozeyarn and a doll clothes knitting pattern book.  I do declare I LOVE internet shopping and I LOVE paypal.  I HATE putting up with rude and disinterested shop assistants of which there seems to be an abundance, so this internet shopping suits me fine, and it’s such a treat to have it arrive in the mail.  And for my yarn  purchases it’s next day delivery – mind you it’s only coming from Sydney.

I’m loving this doll clothes knitting.  Instant gratification and usually only takes 1 to 2 balls of yarn.  I had a look in Big W and Target today for some dolls, but all they had were baby dolls or barbie dolls and that ilk, so I might have to internet shop those as well.  tsk, really, any excuse.

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a monkey’s…

…not just for Christmas.

Next time I make one of these I’m going to make the head and body all in one so it doesn’t keep flopping back.

*pfffft*  the ‘next’ time.

Who knows.  It might happen.  After all, I did already buy the wool for another monkey – though it might become a doll jacket instead.

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…because the world needs more buttons.

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artistic aerial photograph of Iced white mocha in prisitne untouched state.

Lovely day today.

Went out for lunch with the crafty girls and we talked and ate ourselves silly – easy enough to do.  Then we meandered down to my favourite coffee shop and indulged in coffee – and sweets for some of us – I opted for a melting moment which pretty much sent me over the edge and now the last thing I want to do is make and eat dinner.

More good post today.  Laura Ingalls Wilder farm journalist; writings from the Ozarks.  I loved the ‘Little House’ books and the early episodes of the series on TV.  So, I have very good feelings about loving this book.

Am feeling rather uncomfortably full so I’d better go and do something energetic in order to work off some of the excesses of lunch.


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let me eat cake…

There’s something about patty cakes with pink icing and coconut that really does it for me.

 Patty cakes with pink icing and coconut belong firmly in the land of childhood. Of Enid Blyton books and words like curious and peculiar and quaint and shimmer.

They belong in the land of patent leather shoes and little girl dresses with bow tied waists.

Of summer gardens with sweetpeas and hollyhocks. 

Oh yes, I really love a patty cake with pink icing and coconut.

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