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sharing the joy…

Before, and some time during reading this hilarious blog, I was thinking to myself ‘well, you’d never catch me knitting a monkey’




Really, I don’t know what happened.


It was insidious.


I dare anyone to read this blog  http://monkeemaker.blogspot.com/


And not want to try and  knit a monkey.

Or buy one.



I’m thinking I might even try a knitted rabbit next (providing all goes well with the monkey)  I have a pattern around here somewhere in one of those ‘simply knitting’ magazines.

Then who knows mice, ducks, dolls – though I’ve already done dolls.


The world of stuffed knitted toys is my oyster.


I’m a bit sick of knitting clothes, actually.


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happenin’ stuff…

The sun was shining, the birds singing, the bees humming, but despite all this I dragged my goodies outside and got productive.

And lah, I finished the charity jumper, and after a little gentle persuasion Tequito was willing to model it for me.  I sure hope whoever gets it wears it with a little more grace and goodwill than he did, though.

Don’t worry, Tequito is a very clean dog – he tries on my clothes all the time, but still, I shall give it a good wash before I send it off.

He was rather keen to get the whole photo shoot thing over and done with, no matter how many shmacko’s I promised him, he’s obviously far too well fed.

and was keen to get the outfit off.

Jock found the whole process rather interesting.

 and felt he would like to be a supermodel, too, but he doesn’t really have the build, or the temperament-thank goodness.  I told him he could be a super hero instead, and he seemed happy with that.


Moving on…

after perusing the instructions for that knit top I was so gung-ho about making, I have decided to make a…


Yes, I know it doesn’t look like much just now, but hopefully, by the end of the day, it will look just like a regular monkey, only knitted. 

And it’s going to be for this little monkey-

Who is not at all knitted, but oh so squooshable.


Right, best be off and get that top washed.


Wonder where it is.


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precious moments…

Today I sat in front of my computer and I ate stuff and I cruised other people’s blogs, and I ate more stuff.


Actually, I’m still sitting and still eating. 


Digustingly good fun.   



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Went to buy camera batteries today and got some long lasting ones for…$20:00 – 20 bloody $’s – for 4 camera batteries!!  My great giddy goat, they’d better last as long as it says on the packet.


Mine and Hubbies anniversary is today,  24 years.  24 years.  Do you believe it?  Almost as mind numbing as the price of the batteries.


Look at this beauty. 

My girl T* convinced her ever lovin’ hubby to make me one at the same time as he made hers.  Isn’t it beautiful? *drool*  I’ve always wanted a ‘real’ light box.  I made myself one out of a cardboard box, glass from a photo frame, duct tape and a lamp – HEY!  I like to call it creative, alright. 

But now look, I’ve got one that won’t risk setting anything alight if I leave it on for more than 10 minutes.  Thank you P* – it’s sooooo beautiful and you’re soooo clever and T* is soooo lucky.  And I’m soooo lucky to have a friend like T* whose really good at convincing her hubby to do stuff. 

Thanks guys – you rock.

This is the craft cake we had on Tuesday – and see how it’s there all squooshed into the glass cake stand, well, that’s how we were all squooshed into our jeans at the end of the day.  The cake is an heirloom, my sisters and I got it every birthday while we were growing up.  I think we all loved it.  My own kids weren’t quite so keen, they were more into mud or ice cream cakes – but I still make this for occssions and I still love it. 

At craft day I didn’t cast on for the top I had planned to, but started on this.

It’s for aids babies and orphans – here’s the link if you have some spare wool and some spare time and an inclination to put both to good use   http://www.aids.net.au/aids-global-malawi-20061112.htm

It’s very easy.  Mine looks like this so far.  I have to get it off the needles before I can start the top as I only have 1 set of  4.5mm needles.


Now, I’m off to have coffee.

And knit some more.




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 Well, the house is now presentable, and I’m not feeling quite so out of control as I was yesterday.

The girlies are coming around this afternoon to eat cake, drink tea/coffee, sew/knit/bead/embroider/cross stitch and talk – good stuff.  I’m really looking forward to it.

I bought this ‘simply knitting’ magazine yesterday because of the really nice top on the front that I’d like to make so I’m going to start it today.   I already have the wool, from some other project that just wasn’t happenning and I was looking hard just recently for something to turn it into



  Looks easy enough, right?

I’m really, really hoping the pattern is correct because I’ve had so many of them with mistakes in from knitting magazines before.  I’m getting better at learning how to rectify errors, but not if they’re too complicated.  The last jumper I knit from one of those magazines, the top decreases and the sleeve decreases didn’t match up!!  Not even nearly. I didn’t know how to fix it then and that’s the wool that became the Armenian Orphans jumper, hat and mittens – which I posted off yesterday while I was being organised – so I guess it became something more worthwhile anyway.

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the way…

Day 1of the NIM – new improved me – it’s 7:06am and I am exhausted already considering what I should do and what order I should do it in.

I’m thinking maybe I ought to read the ‘7 habits of highly effective people’ first, to the end – just so I know I’m on the right track, or just to show me where the hell the right track starts.


hold on a sec.  I think there might be some kind of track across that river and behind those bushes.Can anyone else hear angels singing?


And there’s this: http://flylady.com/


Which is very handy for people like me who really need direction.  Left to my own devices, well, we know what I’m like left to my own devices.

 I read, in a few places actually, so there may be something to it, that a person goes through stages every 7 years, well I’m coming up to a 7 year anniversary and so maybe this is part of my metamorphosis.


 Am I boring anyone yet?


 And some of today is dedicated to getting the house presentable for tomorrow because I’m hosting the ‘craft circle’ (please don’t let that gentle name fool you) in which a group of friends get together and have a good time, and I can’t say much else about it because what happens in ‘craft circle’ stays in ‘craft circle’(there, now it sounds a bit exciting, doesn’t it?)


 I started reading ‘The Faraday Girls’ last night – if it keeps going the way it’s begun, it’s going to be terrific, but I’ll let you know when I’m done.


 Now, I’m off to do…stuff.

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new improved…

I am such a negligent blogger.  I can’t keep a diary either.  Actually, I think my lack of commitment is probably indicative of a major character failing.  I really admire people who can rock up every day with something to say.



Oh yes, I’d love to be the kind of person to set goals and reach them, to flow through life accomplishing good things all over the place.  I did begin reading ‘ The 7 habits of highly effective people’.


And I still haven’t finished it.


But you know what

No more.

Well, at least I’m going  to try really hard to be the effective type of person I want to be.


Doesn’t that sound like a fun challenge?


Let’s see how long I last with it.


So anyway, here’s some fun stuff:



This is the street at the front of my house.  It’s probably as near as we’re going to get to snow in this town, it’s sort of like a slushy hail – maybe that is snow, because I’ve never actually seen ‘real’ snow.  It was thrilling.  We rolled iceballs and didn’t throw them at each other because of the sharp edges, they could have caused severe lacerations.

 And here’s the end result of the knitting for Armenian orphans I mentioned earlier.  Just in time too.  I think the deadline is August 31st.  So, tomorrow I’ll send them off.

And today Sonny boy, Bubba J* and I cruised down to the shop and had a lovely hour,  we bought something to eat and Sonny Boy picked out his next lego set (which he’s in the process of putting together right now) and I got this:

I’ve been meaning to buy the book for a while, but today it was on special, which is always a good thing.  The wool is for a baby outfit I want to knit – I just don’t know which one at the moment, but 3 balls ought to cover it.  And the pen is for incentive.




Oops, and almost forgot.  Allow me to introduce Indiana Jones who popped by for a visit for bookweek – a school thing where the kids get to dress up as book characters.

It was such a thrill.


Tomorrow I’m going to be way more effective.

You probably won’t recognise me.




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