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moving on…

 So, my pink cotton knit top is all sewn up, but no photo yet – I haven’t even tried it on.  Fear I think – what, after all that effort, it doesn’t fit???  I’ll leave that for a day when I’m feeling stronger.I was very good.  I said to myself, now dear, (I don’t really call myself dear) before you begin another project, I do insist that you finish off that lovely pink knit top.  And so I did and am very glad for it, and feeling rather smug and accomplished that another start has been finished.  It’s just like crossing things off a list – so satisfying.  And I’m sure as I cross off the other 15 things I have going, the sense of satisfaction will be just as fulfilling every time.

And, this is what I started:



(I was looking at the photo and wondering what on earth that loop thing that looks like one of those rose arches was, pffft, silly me, it was just where the thread had fallen)

It’s for the boy and the transfers were among those I bought a little while back.  It’s so nice just sitting back and stitch, stich stitching and the results are seen really quickly.  There are 10 designs and I’ve stitched the first one.  It’s all in blue embroidery thread, of the same hue and the theme is camping in the wilderness.  Very much a boy’s quilt methinks.  I’m just in the mood for something like this.

I’m still working on the charity jumper, I’ve finished the back and am half way through the front. Last night we went to Hubby’s brother’s birthday dinner and the trusty knitting came along with me and I managed to get a few rows in.

For now though it’s back to the stitching. 


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See that nasty little neo shifter there under all those teeny tiny, but strong magno men?  Well that’s a little similar to what is happening in my body at the moment, only the magno men are my leucocytes & the neo-shifter is of course, the bad guy – the cold germ.


Yes, it came lurking, lurking yesterday and I felt that little tell tale nose tickle which is evidence that something not so pleasant may be coming for a visit, but lo, as soon as those little magnos got a hint of trouble they were onto it – go magno, go, little tiny hairy warrior.

I am doing my bit assisting the magnos with some vicks vapour rub (does it cost so much because of the petroleum content???) – I don’t even have to have a cold to use that, I just love the smell of it.  Reminds me of when I was a kid, being laid up, well, not really laid up, because I don’t really remember colds bringing me down much as a kid, really it was just the runny nose thing, I guess I was easily distracted back then, anyhow, the vicks would be applied after a hot bath and then it’d be time to be tucked up in bed with the vicks tingling on my chest and clearing up the old nasal passages.

Aaah, good memories.

Thanks vicks,

And thankyou Magnos – keep up the good fight.


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lazy days…

It’s the school holidays in this part of the woods, and we just LOVE school holidays.


We love the laid back feel of no time limits.  We love that we can mellow in front of the fire after exploring outside in the cold brisk air doing boy things.  I don’t do that bit – I just do the mellowing.





We love that we can have movie night any night we feel like it – but always on Friday night, and go to bed wa-a-a-y past bed time.  We love that the days are stretching  ahead with another whole week to go and we’re not even going to think about school because the time for that will come all too soon.  So, for now, we’re just going to enjoy the long slow flow of wintry days without pressure and without limitation and thoroughly enjoy each unfolding moment of possibility and freedom. 

If school holidays were a cereal, they’d be a big bowl of these.





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