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The weather was super gorgeous today, which was a blessing as we had to set off to the Grandparent’s farm in order to boost up our ever diminishing pile of firewood.  T’s son joined us and he and Sonny Boy had a fine time exploring the gullies, climbing trees and spending lots and lots of energy simply being boys.


I took a hike with them down to the river which was a lovely walk about a mile down hill.  I’m not going to discuss the trip back up again, but it did lead me to thoughts of how Burke & Wills must have felt at times on their explorations.  Nonno, picked us up in the ute and drove us the rest of the way back, but really, we were at that satge in teh house paddock and we’d already done the hard yards.  A few hundred more steps wouldn’t have hurt us any more than we (well, really it was just me) were already hurting.

That sounds rather ungrateful.  Actually, I’m really, really glad he turned up when he did.

The river was very shallow and had changed a lot since I’d last walked down to see it – obviously I’d forgotten how difficult that had been. 


After the wood collecting and country ambling was done we all sat down to a divine lunch, which was more like a mini feast with lasagne and crumbed meat, salami and cheeses, wedges and dips – Nonna really enjoys cooking and we get to enjoy her efforts which suits me right down to the ground – We stayed down for about three hours, talking, eating and laughing and, despite the cleaning up afterwards, it was all thoroughly enjoyable.


The previous night we went to watch Sonny Boy in his first ‘proper’ on stage performance.  It was all very thrilling, then afterwards we celebrated the debut with dinner at a never tried by us before restaurant which was also a great success – the sizzling seafood went down exceptionally well.  I have no pictures of the play as I filmed it and haven’t worked out how to get stills.


And now I am contentedly exhausted and really looking forward to dropping into bed very soon with my hot water bottle and my latest read (Tallgrass), though I don’t think too many pages will turn before the eyelids simply can’t stay open a moment longer.



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itch to knit…


Not much going on on the home front. Sonny boy is unwell and home from school and has been for the past three days.  We have a doctor appointment this afternoon. 

I have been crazy knitting on the baby smocks – am doing a pink and a green and only have the pink sleeves to knit up – then I have to sew it all together.  Eldest daughter is coming some time today and we’re going to finally stitch up the baby blanket she finished knitting a while ago for this little precious-


Who is now 7 months old and too cute for words.


Also I am going to do some knitting for  Armenia.  Here’s the link if you’re interested  http://au.lifestyle.yahoo.com/b/sunrise/9795/knitting-with-mel-for-world-vision-in-the-caucasus-region/

I’m hoping the pattern book will be put online as the participating pharmacies aren’t near where I live.  I do know the projects need to be 100% wool and off hand I think the sizes are to fit from 2 – 14 years old, but the details are on the ‘Sunrise’ site.

So, the plan today is to get to spotlight – they’re having a bit of a wool sale on at the moment, and buy up some for a jumper.  I’m not sure when they have their big wool clearance sale, probably closer to Summer, so I won’t buy up big just yet – just project by project for now.

So, if you happen to be at a loose end or have the itch to knit ‘knitting for Armenia’ is a really good cause.

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*sigh*  Aren’t there just so many beautiful blogs around?  I just love them.  When I find a good blog I devour it like a good book and once I’ve caught up the archives I have to look for another and I’m absolutely spoiled for choice.  Pictures are the first thing I look at.  I scroll down and if the pictures grab me, then I’ll give it a bit of a read and then if I’m totally sucked in I’ll go back to the archives and read everything there – which is sort of good and sort of bad.  Good because I just love being inspired bad because while I’m being inspired I’m not doing ‘my’ stuff – and other stuff that needs doing.  What I probably need is some self control. 


Anyway, shamefully I have spent too much of today cruising the internet looking for yet another blog treat and there are so very many pretty choices.  Being as it’s a very cold, lazy Sunday I don’t feel quite so bad about this hedonism.  Mind, I did venture out to take my boy to a special drama rehearsal and I did stop by the shop for a ball of the pink cotton needed for the baby smock, and later I shall hang laundry by the fire to dry and see about dinner for everyone, but I do believe that the time I spent today on the net, I could probably have used to finish, or almost finish the green smock.  I really like seeing results.

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is just what these little cuties need.  I made them with some of  the left over yarn from the knitted blanket.  I really love the colours for baby bootees.   Very funky.

The baby smock knitting is coming along nicely.  The pink one is on hold until I get to the shops for another ball of cotton and so, while I’m waiting I have started a pretty light green. 

Today is going by so quickly. Spent knitting, reading,  drinking tea, watching movies and pretty much enjoying the leisure. 

It’s cold out and warm in and tonight we have take-out for dinner .  Life is good.


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Friday at last, and even better, Friday afternoon.  Think hot baths, cosy pyjamas, popcorn and movies.  Because Friday night is ‘movie night’ and movie night means picking up No:1 Son from school and then visiting the video store to pick out a movie which will hopefully suit the whole family.  Sometimes this procedure takes quite some time, but hey, it’s Friday afternoon and there is all the time in the world.  It’s not officially movie time until it’s dark out.  And we like it dark inside too, but if the movie isn’t quite up to holding my attention (there have been a few like that), well then the lamp goes on and the knitting comes out and everyone is still happy.

So, here’s to Friday, one of my favourite days of the week, may there be many more. 



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post with the most…


This is what I would have gotten in the post today had I not accosted the postman down the shops and had him riffle through his van to find it and hand it over.  It’s okay, I had I.D.

Aren’t they beautiful?  I have been waiting for such a long time for these.  Something like 25 days.  But at last, at last they’re here and I’m just savouring them.  Which to read first Sandra Dallas or Judith Pella, Sandra Dallas or Judith Pella??  Oh my, what a delightful choice to make.  I’ve not read any Judith Pella before, but it’s about quilting and I just love quilting novels – most of the time – they have to be pretty bad for me to turn my nose up at them, and that’s only ever happened once.

More good news –

I finished this:

and then it mysteriously went missing.

I asked round, but nobody seemed to know where it went:

It’s  a mystery.

Now I have to go and toss a coin.

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I found these not too long ago while doing the rounds of the local op shops.  I really enjoy knitting baby wear.  Especially easy to knit baby wear. 

These here look quite easy to knit:

as does this lot:

So I have decided to cast on for one of them – in pink cotton.

Just because I can.

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