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hold yer horses…

man & horse

Will be back soon…


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shepherd’s pie before

On the Tuesday she made shepherd’s pie…

shepherd’s pie after

and they called it good.

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stone pillars at the zoo

Does anybody else find that during the school holidays, days just seem to drift and merge into each other?  I do, and I almost had a mini meltdown this afternoon when I thought it was Wednesday and that I had missed ‘sensing murder’ – which just happens to be on tonight.  I love that show. Love it! Love it!!

Apart from the stinky weather, this…

messy sewing table

makes me rather disinclined to get sewing.  Not that long ago it was all nice and neat, but look at it now.  I tell you, it’s a vicious cycle.

Yesterday T* was making a very delectable smelling shepherd’s pie for dinner and I have been inspired  to make my own this afternoon.  I’ve never tried making one before, but it seemed pretty basic.  Hope it’s a hit with the finicky, fussy family.  I’m always on the look out for quick and easy recipes to add to my ‘things to make for dinner’ list.

fingers crossed


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baby vest…

vest & bootees 

So, the baby vest is finished & pictured here with the bootees I made much earlier on, and although it came together okay in the end I don’t think I’ll do anymore of that knitting in of letters or pictures kind of thing.  It’s all a bit too fussy and there seems to be so much sewing in and tightening up necessary to finish it off and make it look somewhat acceptable. 

From this I have learned that I am a very basic type of knitter.  Anything too fussy, or even just a bit fussy and the joy just leaks right out of me.

It’s nice to be finishing off these items.  Feels like I’m clearing the decks for a whole new batch of projects.

Hoping for a cool change sometime real soon.


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pram quilt…

pram quilt

Here’s a photo of the finished pram quilt.  It turned out a little larger than I was planning on, but I’m happy with it anyway, and really, better a too big quilt than a too small one.

I just can’t seem to manage that with the larger quilts though.  The last 2 I made for a double bed were too small, but absolutely perfect for a single bed.

So, the next big bed quilt, which has to fit a queen size bed, I’m going to have to make absolutely huge to make sure I get it right.

cross stitch close up

This is a close up of the cross-stitched animals.  I used waste canvas – which makes it onto my list of ‘best inventions ever’.


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Though I’m glad I didn’t have more than I did to work with.  Apart from only having 6 jars, which was just enough, being tied to the stove for all that time was a bit dull.

And it tastes just like Nana used to make.  I guess I couldn’t go too far wrong though except to burn it – that would really hurt.

 Daughter B* was the recipient of the above jar.

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a day of firsts…


As I picked the first 2 tomatoes from my tomato plant this morning, I couldn’t help but wonder whether anybody reading my much earlier post where I’d  wondered out loud if my one meagre little tomato plant and my sad little batch of lettuces (or is that letti??) would last me for the summer, rolled their eyes at my extreme idiocy ( though I rather prefer to think of it as optimism).  Well, *sigh* I know now that it ain’t gonna happen. 

Truth be told, I’ve suspected it for quite some time. 

What has been picked though has been quite yummy – that would be the two tomatoes you see laid out as sacrfice in the above photo.  I’m not real good with producing produce.

My in-Laws are however and presented me with a tubful of apricots.  Now, I love apricots – in moderation – so what was I to do with a bucketful of them???

making jamWhy, make jam of course!!!

So, I rang my mum for the recipe.  Seems pretty easy.  Apricots and sugar is pretty much all I need.  And some bottles to store it in.

So, step one is letting the apricots sit in the sugar overnight.

I can totally do that.

I have high hopes for the morrow.  Just have to chase up some jars.

And look what I got in the mail today!!


  My very first ever ATC!!

I love getting stuff in the mail – fun stuff let me specify – not bills or spiders.  And this was definitely fun stuff.  I posted mine out Saturday afternoon, so my swap partner should be getting hers right about now.

I also have another 1 on 1 swap and so that’s the next ‘to-do’ thing.

*While I was cutting and destoning the apricots and having flashbacks to when I had a summer job apricot cutting I thought of a new years resolution that I might just be capable of carrying out – it’s to do one thing I’ve never done before once a week.   This weeks is the apricot jam.


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