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I get off the computer and do something productive.

Usually when it storms.


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stanny’sYesterday afternoon the family took a trip up the Mount to the Goldfields.  This photo is a view of the town from up there.  Lovely.

We had a nice time, doing a bit of gold panning and a tour and some eating – it always goes better with some eating and No:1 son came home with gold in his pocket so he was happy.

goldfields 1           golfields 2

It was interesting to take an imaginary step back to times past and feel what they might have been like.  I particularly loved looking at the ‘women’s things’ though there wasn’t very much of that – the lace collars, the skirts and the falling apart cookbooks.

The organisers set up the day really well, and at dusk, with the smell of woodsmoke in the air, and singing around the campfire – you got a fleeting glimpse of what it may have been like a hundred and fifty years ago at the end of a gold mining day.

We also set up the Christmas tree due to the persistance of No: 1 son.  I would have prefered to set it up Christmas Eve – but noooo.  So now we have a good part of the lounge room overwhelmed with a big plastic tree- the cats love it.



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