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oh my!…


Oh my!  A package!  I LOVE packages!!!!

(frantic ripping and shredding with bare hands)

fabric pile

Oh my!!! 

Lots and lots and LOTS of luscious fabric.  Remember that competition I mentioned earlier on?  Well I was one of three winners.  I am sooo stoked!!! Thank you so much HOMESPUN.  I LOVE IT!!!  And thankyou also J. Leutenegger – the designs are just delightful.

There’s quite a few quilts and other goodies to be made out of that delectable pile and I’m itching to start the first.  With the way things are going it’ll be sometime in the new year.  Early in the new year.  Can’t wait.



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much ado…

cross stitchThis is what I have been obsessing over for the past week.  It’s a cross stitch wallhanging.  Honestly, it look so delicate, don’t you think?  But really, it’s evil.  This cross stitch almost brought me to my knees a couple of times.  This cross stitch has four hundred thousand gazillion stitches in it – actually, double that because you have to cross back over again.  This project, in hindsight, was one I should have alloted about six years to complete, with a couple of stints at the back of the wardrobe.

I know better now.

HAPPY BIRTHDAY T*.     🙂    Please hide this away whenever I come visit.

I didn’t tune in yesterday because  of the storms.

house in rainThis is a picture of the house across the road from where we went for lunch to celebrate T*s birthday.  It’s not a bad photo, that’s a torrential downpour.  And the rainy weather lasted well into the evening.

So, now that I have closure on the cross stitch it’s time to think about what to make No:1 son’s teacher as a thankyou/Christmas gift.  I have an idea in mind, and plan to make a start on it tomorrow.  Only three weeks to go.

Only three weeks to go!

Maybe I ought to stress and panic now, just to get a head start on it all.  🙂

I love Friday nights.


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view from a ferry

For want of a completed birthday present photo to show you, here’s one of the Sydney Harbour Bridge taken from the back of a ferry.  I love this photo – so dark and moody – not at all how I like my men.  This was taken on our holiday earlier this year.  It wasn’t a very relaxing time, we spent the whole time flitting from one place to the next and filling in the gaps with eating.  It was a lot of fun though.  I’m thinking that a cabin on the coast might be the go next time.  Near some fabric shops.

I have spent today stitching madly.  Yes, it’s happened again – that last minute running out of time panic in order to be ready for T*’s birthday lunch tomorrow. I hate you T*.  And you’d so better cry with gratitude at this gift or there might be some eye poking in order to induce some.  I tell you what, there were almost some tears at this end.  🙂

Daughter B* and her little family are coming for dinner tonight.  We’re having chicken in black bean -from a frozen packet – just add chicken and cook up some rice. And it’s sooo yummy.

Treated myself to the DVD ‘Summer Heights High’ today.  I’m rationing myself to an episode a day so I can savour it. 

Ah well, better get a move on before everyone arrives.

‘Til tomorrow,


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simply gorjus!!!

road to Orange

After taking No:1 son to school this morning, Hubby and I headed off to Orange.  He had an appointment there and I came along for the ride and to get these…

red shoes

Oh my, but aren’t they purty??  I don’t want to look like I’m jumping on the ‘red shoe band wagon’, but truth is, I love red shoes.  I remember getting my very first pair when I was about six years old.  They were a gorgeous shiny red pair of sling backs.  My mother described them as ‘dainty’.  Red and slingbacks *sigh*.  I think it must have been those shoes that started my red slingback fetish.  Though, only owning two pairs I guess I can’t really call it a fetish.   My other pair, though they look  very ‘dainty’, don’t deserve a photo as within 1/2 hour of wearing them I have a raw patch rubbed on the back of both heels. *ouchie*  They are definitely sitting shoes.

Stopped at Pizza Hut  for an ‘all you can eat’ lunch and got back just in time to pick No:1 son up from school.

’til tomorrow then,


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one of those days…

 storm       storm 2

Hoo boy.  I have just had one of those days where I’ve been running around like a chook with it’s head cut off.   But there’s nothing I can hold up and say, look, see what I accomplished – in fact, I just remembered two letters I forgot to post.

One good thing is that today we bought an air-conditioner.  Now we just have to work out the assembling of it all.  I’ve left hubby and his dad to debate over it.  This may not end prettily.

The photos above were taken from my back yard yesterday afternoon.  There was a storm brewing for quite some time.  We didn’t get  much rain from it here, but it was very thrilling watching it come in.

I have to go make a coffee and regain my equilibrium.

’til tomorrow,


Hubby’s just come in armed with a saw – told you it could get nasty.

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bits ‘n’ bobs…

Hello world.  It’s a glorious Sunday here at my place.  Very relaxed with loads of potential – although much of my day is going to be filled with working on T*’s birthday present.  Yes, the clock is ticking away, but so far I have it all under control – no worries, that’s what  I say over and over.

No-o-o   wo-o-o-o-ries, she’ll be right, mate.

So, as I can’t show you her present yet, I shall show you my next big quilt project – right at it’s conception stage.

next big quiltThe quilt book I got from friend S* as a birthday present.  I don’t often follow patterns – my brain tends to close down trying to read them, but I do get thoroughly inspired by all the pictures.  All I really need is the measurements of the blocks, then I’ll just play it by ear.  The fabric is what a bought not long ago on sale at Hobby Sew – the more I look at it, the more I love it.  I love the entire process of making a quilt, but my very favourite part is the quilting.  I like to hand quilt as I find it totally relaxing – not counting the needle stick injuries, and I really like the look and texture of a hand quilted quilt.

Here’s a picture of my last big quilt:

pioneer sawtoothIt took about 10 months from start to finish, but it was interspersed with other projects along the way.

And here’s a bargain I found all by myself last week at the ABC book shop.  It was only $14:95, which is probably not  a bargain if you happen to live in the U.S and get your books reasonably cheaply as it is.

cross stitch bookIsn’t it sooo cute.  It has loads of cutesy-pie designs for kids in it and it was cheaper than the ‘country cross stitch’ magazine I get- which is also gorgeous.

Daughter B* and her family are now home at their place, and she’s very happy about that.  She was getting a bit bored at the hospital.  I don’t get that.  I would have had all my craft projects on the go and been loving the whole not having to cook the meals thing.  Of all the booties and socks I knitted for bub, these are the ones mum likes best:

bootiesThey are also the ones I had the most trouble with & had thought I would never be making again.  Of course, now that I know B* loves them and wants a pair in red and also in black, there will be at least two more pairs in my future.  I should be able to do them with my eyes closed after that.  Also, bubs were in blue, that photo is from the book ‘Easy knitted socks’ by Jeannette Trotman.

nanny & bubbyBut there’s not much I wouldn’t do for the little fellow.  I plan to spoil him silly.  In a good way – spoil is such an ugly word.

’til tomorrow,


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Look at these little beauties.  Yesterday girlfriend T* sent me spotlight way to pick up some of these little guys.  They were a $1 a packet – 80 cents with a VIP card.!!!  And they’re all glass beads.  

 I’m particularly loving these:blue beadsT* has an eye for a bargain.   It’s like she has radar or something.  For example, this is what I got the other day thanks to her beady eye:

beaded bag hanging               beaded bag close up        And here’s a close up of the little pretty.  How much?  I hear you ask. $10!!   It’s hard to tell, but they’re all sequins sewn onto the bag.  This came from the bridal shop on Keppel Street, and the lady has plenty more bargains in there.  For instance, there’s a beaded corset for $50.  She’s trying to clear out old stock so she can make some more.  She makes the gowns all herself.  I find people like that sooo inspiring.  I love their energy.

Oh, and that cute little flower hanger the bags are hanging off.  That came from ‘Wild Poppy’ on Keppel street – $12.  I have an order in for a red one.  And I found that because of T* too.  Some goodies I do find on my own – just not in this post.

’til tomorrow,


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