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bottle o’ buttons 

Today was (is) a wonderful day.

Went craft shopping with Girlfriend T* and came away with embroidery floss and that’s about all as we had to meet up with other friends for lunch, but not before dropping into the second hand shop along the way where I bought this totally cute glass jar which I thought would look very nice showing off some decorative buttons.  Actually the embroidery floss I really needed, especially after coming home from taking my son to school this morning only to find that the dogs can actually reach the middle of the coffee table – short legged though they may be, and were able to reach 2 of my embroidery floss’ and drag them around the yard.

So…got my floss had lunch and a chat, picked up number one son from school and it’s raining – which is a good thing.

Plans for tonight are to sit and stitch on  a design I want to enter into a competition. 

The stall I spoke of earlier has taken a back seat to this as both are due in November, and the competition prize is wa-a-a-y better than what I could hope to sell on the stall – so, time to get a move on.

’til tomorrow,



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moss on stone steps 

 …and…action… well, it’s been a while between postings – mind, it could have been worse.  I’m not the world’s best at keeping journals (or keeping house, or being organised, or…, but nevermind). I have been busy on the crafting front as my friend has a stall coming up and I want to try my hand at selling some handmade things.  It would go toward helping support this habit of mine. I went to one of my regular craft shop haunts this morning and bought…buttons. Buttons!?!? I don’t need buttons.  I have buttons. Lots and lots and many buttons. But this morning I wanted MORE buttons.  And I did delight ever so at cutting them off their little bits of cardboard and popping them in their container. Sooo pretty (to be said Homer Simpson style when he says donuts, and drools – I drooled too.) Anyway, I think I may have worked out how to upload photos so I’ll pop in a picture of the crafty stuff I’ve made for the stall.  It’s in early November, so I have a bit of time yet. Till next time ( I would recommend you don’t hold your breath)


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Hello world!

Well, now.  My very own blog.


Why yes.


Not at all.

Now, let me see, what shall this be about?

I’m thinking life, and craft and whatever happens to be cluttering up my mind at the time.

And pictures – because I love pictures. 

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